New and Improved: The Jaguar I-PACE

Faster charging, updated design and better connected than ever.

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The updated Jaguar I-PACE is here and has been fine-tuned to include improved charging, more intuitive technology than ever before and striking design.

At the core of the new I-PACE model is the updated technology, connecting the driver and the car like never before. The main addition to its features is the Privi Pro infotainment system. It is included in the I-PACE as standard and is a clever bit of technology that is designed to keep the driver informed of upcoming traffic, oncoming vehicles, your remaining charge and more at all times. Benefits of the system is that it is easy to use and is always ready to assist so you can enjoy driving with confidence.

The I-PACE also includes a 360 camera system, which gives the driver a complete digital view of the surrounding area around the vehicle. This is to highlight potential hazards to the driver, improving their awareness. To put you at ease in poor weather and on the trickiest of roads, the system is designed to work no matter the condition so you know the system will always support you on the road.

Customers also get to enjoy Smartphone connectivity features as standard, as well as wireless charging.

It is not just about the technology though, not only do you have improved charging speed and a longer range (now up to 292 miles) the Jaguar I-PACE is quick and agile, going from 0-60mph in just 4.5 seconds.

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