The Honda Civic EX Sport Line could be the one for you.

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If you're looking for a car with looks that are heavily-influenced by the hot hatch segment, but don't necessarily need the performance to go with it - this version of the Honda Civic could be the one for you.

The EX Sport Line model - new for 2020 - takes inspiration from Honda's sporting models, especially because of its appearance. A new lower skirt and lower diffuser has been added to the dynamic look.

At the rear, a low-level spoiler enhances the car's aggressive styling, while gloss-black 17-inch alloys complete the sporty look.


Will Kilner for the Bradford Telegraph and Argus comments "The sprint to 62mph is achieved in 11 seconds but feel a good deal faster in real world driving conditions, while I never sensed the 125bhp engine was about to run out of puff up some of West Yorkshire's steeper hills. In short, the engine is stronger than its 0-62mph time would tend to suggest. When you work the accelerator hard, the manual gearbox has the habit of flaring the revs, but is easy enough to live with when treated more gently."

"Happily, cabin isolation is very good, which means engine noise or transmission whine never become too intrusive. Handling-wise, the Civic feels assured when cornering, with excellent balance and poise when tackling the sharper corners briskly. Front-end grip is reassuringly good and body roll is very well contained, even if it doesn't quite achieve the same nimble and zippy feel as some of its competitors on twisty country lanes."

"That said, the steering is undoubtedly accurate and weighty, giving a confidence-inspiring feel. Meanwhile, the exceedingly stiff chassis helps the car feel at home on twisting B-roads. Ride refinement is generally very good, although the Civic can be a bit restless on bumpier stretches of road, but the long wheelbase helps to ensure a very smooth drive on well-maintained roads. Therefore, it strikes a nice balance between control and comfort."

New textured panels have been added to the dashboard, with a new seat design that adds red detailed stitching for an extra sporting touch.

The space offers a spacious and comfortable front and back, along with one of the biggest boots in its class. It comes equipped with blind spot information and a rear parking camera, which makes up for the shortage of a rear view.

Will Kilner explains that in conclusion, "this version of the Civic is easy to live with. Its responsive steering, on-point brakes and good handling make for an engaging drive, it's also a spacious and practical machine, while its downsized 1.0-litre engine should make running costs more manageable than one of its higher-powered counterparts."

Could this version Honda Civic be the one for you?

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