Buyer confidence in EVs still a problem according to new poll

People are still concerned about making the move.

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A recent report from What Car? has given an insight into the ‘knowledge gap’ that still exists amongst buyers when it comes to electric vehicles (EVs). It concluded that, in short, a large percentage of consumers do not want to make the switch due to the minimal amount of accurate and easily accessible information.

The poll, which was completed by over 8100 users, found that 57.8% still believe that manufacturers do not have enough information on their websites on the benefits of switching to an electric car. In addition to this, 20.4% said they weren’t even fully aware of the differences between an electric vehicle, plug-in, non-plug-in and a mild hybrid car.

Charging infrastructure is another area of concern amongst buyers that the poll highlighted. Despite new electric vehicles having the capability to travel over 300 miles off a single charge and ever-increasing electric vehicle charging bays being implemented across the UK, nearly a fifth of people that completed the poll said they want a better insight into charging infrastructure. This is evidence that information from the manufacturer is still limited, despite their products improving.

53% of the in-market buyers did however say they were considering an electric, plug-in hybrid or hybrid as their next car. This is positive for the EV market, and demonstrates the interest from UK buyers to go electric.

At Listers, we acknowledge that information and understanding of EVs can still be challenging and hard to find, which is why we've dedicated a section of our website to electric and hybrid vehicles. Click the button below to discover all you need to know about EVs, including your options, charging and a FAQs page.

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