Honda launches Honda SENSING Elite safety system

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Honda has launched a new Honda SENSING Elite safety system, in its effort to help create a collision-free society based on its global safety slogan, “Safety for Everyone”. The introduction of the Honda Legend, equipped with the Honda SENSING Elite, represents the next advancement in safety technology.

Honda SENSING Elite expands on the functionality of Honda SENSING, which is fitted as standard throughout Honda’s European automatic vehicle range. The Honda SENSING Elite system will be fitted to the Honda Legend Hybrid EX and Honda Motor Co. Ltd. will begin lease sales in Japan on 5th of March 2021. Honda SENSING Elite features ‘Traffic Jam Pilot’ function, which is the first Level 3 automated technology to be recognized by Japanese authorities.

For vehicle control, the Honda SENSING Elite system can determine the position of the vehicle and road conditions from 3-dimensional high-definition maps and the Global Navigation Satellite System. This technology uses several external sensors to determine a 360-degree review of the vehicle’s surroundings. Using all the information collected, predictions and decisions are made about the driving conditions. When necessary, the system will control acceleration, braking and steering to create a smooth driving experience.

To ensure this technology is as safe and reliable as possible, 10 million pattens of possible real-world situations were simulated, and several demonstration tests were conducted. In the unlikely event of a problem, the system incorporates redundant system design to ensure that control is given back to the driver.

Designed exclusively for this all-new Legend model, exterior equipment like blue accessory lights and a dedicated aluminium wheel have been included. Furthermore, multiple sensors are embedded to make them less visible externally, but still recognisable as markers of a vehicle with automated driving equipment.

Exclusive interior equipment includes Honda SENSING Elite indicator lights, of which the positions, sizes, colours, brightness and other details were chosen carefully, and also the 12.3-inch full-LCD graphic meter. This equipment has been created to intuitively recognise how well the vehicle is operating and any requests to transfer control back to the driver.

Key features of Honda SENSING Elite

‘Hands-off’ Functionality: The system will safely control the car whilst the driver has their hands off the steering wheel, by activating Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with Low-Speed Follow and the Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS).

Adaptive in Lane Driving: The system assists the car in remaining in the middle of a lane whilst maintaining a pre-set speed. It will monitor surrounding vehicles and safely adjust the speed or position of the vehicle to maintain a proper following distance.

Traffic Jam Pilot: Whilst remaining aware of surroundings, the system drives, stops, and resumes driving in the same lane whilst maintaining a safe following distance of the vehicle in front. This feature allows the driver to watch TV or a DVD, or use the Map Navigation system, which helps to reduce driver fatigue and stress when stuck in a traffic jam.


Active Lane Change with Hands-off Function: The Active Lange Change with Hands-off Function allows the system to assist in lane changes or overtaking another vehicle. If the system recognises a vehicle being driven at a low speed, it will notify the driver and then begin to overtake.

Active Lane Change Assist with Hands-off Function: When the driver confirms safe surroundings and the indicator is activated, the system assists with changing lanes, by increasing or decreasing acceleration depending on the vehicle’s surroundings.

Human-Machine Interface (HMI): Honda SENSING Elite indicator lights are positioned on the steering wheel, the top part of the navigation screen and glovebox. These lights enable the driver to recognise which operating system is active and will change to reflect what the current driving operation situation is. For example, when Traffic Jam Pilot is activated, blue indicator lights come on.


Emergency Stop Assist: If the driver does not respond to the system requests for them to take back control when using the Traffic Jam Pilot or Hands-off Function features, firstly the system will try to engage the driver by using visual, audio and tactile alerts like an alarm sound or vibration on the driver’s seatbelt. If the driver remains unresponsive, the system will safely decelerate the vehicle to a stop, while alerting other vehicles around it using hazard lights and the horn. If there is hard shoulder lane, the vehicle will navigate to this space and come to a safe stop.


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