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Meet the Honda e

The Honda e, Honda’s first electric vehicle for Europe, designed with a combination of dynamic performance, maximum comfort and futuristic technology. The water-cooled and heated lithium-ion battery of the Honda e boasts compact proportions and a low centre of gravity, which allows for a spacious interior and a responsive feel on the road.

How does the Honda e benefit the environment? It's a compact car which takes up less space on the road, weighs less, requires less energy during construction and the manufacturing of the battery is the greatest contributor to an electric car’s lifetime emissions.


Travel distance

Electric cars are on the rise and one of the key factors which influences customers is the driving range the battery provides.

The Honda e is capable of driving for nearly 140 miles between charges with 16” wheels or 131 miles when fitted with 17” wheels.

There is flexibility to charge the battery at home, at work or even when out and about, shopping or meeting friends for dinner.

The average commuting distance is 10 miles (according to the National Travel Survey, 2018) and therefore the range of the Honda e could cover a week of travelling to and from work between charges.

Charging times

Using an ultra-rapid DC charging point will dramatically reduce the time it takes for the battery to charge. There are increasing numbers of ultra-rapid charges being installed throughout the UK and are often found at service stations, which will provide 80% capacity in 20 minutes. At home and at work, the most common found charger is a 7kW unit, which would take the car’s battery to 100% in just over four hours.

Electric car incentives

  • Zero emission electric cars pay no road tax, which is a big annual saving.
  • The government offers a wide range of incentives for motorists to adopt to sustainable electric cars.
  • Cheaper to charge than it is to fill a petrol or diesel with the equivalent amount of fuel.

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