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Driving experience

The Jaguar I-PACE is a sophisticated SUV built around an all-electric powertrain, capable of a driving range of up to 292 miles. The I-PACE has been designed from the ground up as an all-electric model, and delivers the sort of thrilling driving experience you would expect from a Jaguar. It may sound obvious, but one of the first things that will strike you when living with the I-PACE is that travelling to a fuel station is now a thing of the past. No more gloving up and dealing with hazardous substances on a regular basis. The vehicle is powered by a rechargeable battery and two very powerful electric motors. The fuel filler cap is replaced by a charging connection point that is designed to connect to a multitude of power sources, from a three-pin home socket, all the way up to a public fast-charging DC station.

The performance of the I-PACE is extremely impressive with an intuitive transmission, all-wheel drive and synchronised electric motors that allow you to accelerate rapidly with no lag or gearshift interruptions. The I-PACE will accelerate from 0-60mph in just 4.5 seconds. This is even more impressive, when you consider this is a spacious vehicle, with zero tailpipe emissions. When you enter the I-PACE you will instantly feel at home in the luxurious, but modern and cleanly designed cabin. You will notice a digital screen in front of the driver, a larger upper central screen with navigation information and a lower central screen which displays interior climate information, everything you need is at your finger-tips. You’ll feel right at home in the driver’s seat, in a typically Jaguar fashion, a sense of sportiness and purposefulness, yet also feeling extremely comfortable. There is no traditional gear lever to operate, simply a button that once pressed gets you underway silently and smoothly. If you are concerned a modern electric vehicle might be complicated to drive, there really is no need. It’s just as straight forward, if not even more so than any other automatic vehicle you may have driven.

The I-PACE is extremely refined too, offering a very comfortable ride, but with a slightly sporting edge. The steering is very responsive and well weighted, giving an extremely natural feel. The I-PACE is very capable and feels completely at home on roads with wider, sweeping corners.

The hassle free, straight forward driving experience is complimented by the latest intuitive technology. The on-board systems allow the I-PACE to fit perfectly into your lifestyle. You’ll quickly come to appreciate the convenience features available on this all-electric Jaguar.

Charging an I-PACE at home

The most convenient way of charging the I-PACE will be through the use of a dedicated wall charger at your own home. The high capacity batteries can be charged up using a widely available 3 pin plug, but due to their high capacity this will take quite some time. As such, our recommendation would be the installation of a dedicated wall charger. Having this available at your home adds a huge amount of convenience to the ownership experience. Essentially, you can train yourself to charge the vehicle whenever it is not in use, and effectively give yourself a vehicle that always has a ‘full tank’ in the morning. The charging process itself is incredibly simple, and is comparable to charging up your smartphone. By Following this routine, and thanks to the large range available, it’s unlikely you will need to visit a public charging station very often. Statistics show the average commute in the UK is approximately 23 miles. So using this as a basis, even if you only charge up once per week, the I-PACE would have plenty of range to manage your commute for the entire week.

There are various options available when it comes to wall boxes, and there are currently government schemes in place which can support with the cost. Our teams at our centres will be more than happy to share advice and point you in the right direction to obtain the information you need, and answer any questions you might have about home charging, and installation options.


Charging on the move

When you need to take a longer journey where the round trip is in excess of the vehicles large range, you will find a huge number of public charging stations available to you. As of 6th May 2021, there are currently 40,609 public charging connections available. A whole lot more than most people realise. The public charging infrastructure has grown rapidly in the last 5 years, and continues to do so. There are many great apps and tools you can use to identify charging locations, from popular third party applications such as ‘zap-map’, but the Jaguar InControl app also has a heap of useful functionality.

It can be used to identify charging locations but can do a lot more besides. When you are charging at public stations the app can be used to identify the most cost efficient charging times and locations, it will also monitor the charging of your vehicle and notify you if the charge is unexpectedly stopped or interrupted. All while you relax and enjoy a coffee in the comfort of a rest area. No need to stay with your car.

No need to worry about security either, the Mode 3 cable locks into place as soon as the car is locked and cannot be disconnected until you unlock the vehicle. Giving you the peace of mind and freedom to go about other activities while the vehicle charges.

For the speediest charging time of all, I PACE connects to DC public charging points, which deliver much higher charge rates of 50kW or 100kW. Whilst 100kW charging points are less freely available in the UK, even a 50kW power supply offers up to 168 miles of range per hour, ideal if you are setting off for a longer journey and are low on battery charge.


Useful statistics and resources

On a single charge the driving range of the I-PACE is up to 292 miles and has enough power from a single charge to drive over 200 miles comfortably, meaning you don't need to worry about running out of battery. A 100kW rapid DC charging point will provide the I-PACE with up to 78 miles of range from just 15 minutes of charge, whilst a 50kW charging point will provide up to 39 miles of range, also in just 15 minutes. DC charging points are widely available from motorways and public roads, meaning if you do need to plug in, you have peace of mind that a charging point is never too far away. Although AC charging speeds are much slower, they are beneficial for urban driving and can be located at various places such as retail parks, gyms and car parks. You can locate public charging stations via the Zap-Map app or visit:

The performance of the I-PACE is something to not shy away from, as it reaches 0-60mph in an impressive 4.5 seconds. This is significantly faster than most vehicles on the market, including its all-electric SUV rivals. All Wheel Drive allows the I-PACE to deliver all-surface and all-weather drivability, with the electric motors shifting power between the wheels to generate the most grip possible when turning corners. Furthermore, the I-PACE allows you to configure the Adaptive Dynamic system, meaning you can personalise factors such as throttle sensitivity and the steering weighting of the vehicle.

There are discounts available through the Government for customers who would like to purchase an electric vehicle, as well as a generous grant which will fund up to 75% of the cost to install a charging point at any domestic household across the UK. To find out more on this visit: GOV.UK.

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