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Honda have a variety of hybrid cars to choose from, all providing a smooth, powerful and exhilarating ride. Hybrid vehicles give you the best of both worlds and are extremely efficient, automatically switching between electric power at lower speeds and petrol power at higher cruising speeds.

Hybrid vehicles deliver significantly higher fuel efficiency whilst keeping CO2 emissions down compared to traditional petrol vehicles. Owning a hybrid not only benefits the environment, but also your wallet. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s slow, with performance being similar to a traditional car, often with better acceleration.

Hybrid, electric or engine mode?

The Honda cleverly decides how to use the fuel and electrical energy in the most efficient way, so the driver won’t have to worry about switching between the three driving modes.

Electric Drive – driving in this mode uses power solely from the batteries and will provide you with a smooth, quiet and low-emission drive.

Hybrid Drive – this mode uses a combination of petrol and electric power. Any excess power from the petrol engine is used to recharge the batteries.

Engine Drive – this option uses petrol power, with an on-demand peak power and boost available for when you need.

Honda Jazz Crosstar
Honda hybrid plug-in

How do hybrid cars charge?

A standard hybrid car is self-charging, as the batteries will automatically recharge whilst you drive. Wasted energy is also captured to recharge the batteries as you slow the car down. Every Honda car is self-charging, so trips to the petrol station will be rare. This also means that it is very unlikely the car will run out of battery. It is important to note however, that standard hybrids are not designed to run without fuel.

A plug-in hybrid can do all that as well as be plugged into a mains electricity point whilst it’s parked. The simplest way to charge it is using a three-pin socket, however as this is the slowest method of charging, most people prefer to have a wallbox installed to significantly speed up charging time. A friendly member of our team will be happy to advise you on the installation of a wallbox. A plug-in hybrid can run on electricity only, with a typical range of 20 to 40 miles if fully charged.

There are thousands of charging points across the UK at a range of locations, making it easy and convenient to charge your Honda. You can look at a map of charging points across the country here:

How long do they take to charge?

The time is takes to charge your plug-in hybrid will depend on numerous factors; the size of the battery, how much energy has been used and the power output of the charging point. The 3kW chargers are ideal for charging overnight or whilst you’re at work, as they take around 5 hours to charge the car fully. The 7-22kW fast charging stations will charge the vehicle fully in three to four hours, whilst the rapid charging stations will charge it in 25 minutes or less.

Honda CR-V Hybrid

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