Honda HR-V sets a new precedent for space and comfort

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Honda have created a desirable yet practical car to reflect the everyday needs of their customers – the next generation hybrid HR-V, with interior design ethos centred on concepts of light and wind. The all-new model achieves superior levels of comfort and space, making it a front runner in the compact B-SUV segment.

Honda HR-V Air Diffusion System

Air Diffusion System

One of the most appealing features in the HR-V has to be the Air Diffusion System, a completely new concept of air conditioning designed to deliver the restorative effects of a natural breeze. Yoshitomo Ihashi, Honda Large Project Leader commented, “We set out to eradicate as many areas of discomfort as possible by using nature as our inspiration”

It has been created to take away the typical discomfort of air blowing directly onto passengers and create a sense of airiness instead.

The system has three modes: normal outlet with forward-directed air flow, which creates a new gentle flow of air, the air shut off and the Air Diffusion System option. With the latter option selected, a ‘soft breeze’ will be discreetly directed along the side windows, brushing the cheeks of the front passengers. The heat transmitted through the side windows in summer is blocked by an air curtain that forms around front and rear seat passengers, as is the cold air during winter. Rear passengers will benefit from air via the rear console outlet. The unique combination of these features results in consistent internal temperature in all weather conditions.

Space and comfort

The interior of the car has been designed to fit with the everyday lifestyle of the passengers, therefore has been designed with optimal user experience in mind.

The next generation HR-V achieves a sense of spaciousness and airiness that connects occupants to the outside world. The windows have been designed to let in as much light as possible, with outstanding outward visibility and clear sightlines that make it easy to determine your position on the road.

Interior controls have been conveniently placed in an uncluttered and simple to use way, as close to the drivers’ line of sight as possible, adding to the sense of calm.

Honda believe that the purpose of technology and design is to serve the needs of the driver and passengers, therefore have positioned the all hybrid drivetrain components within the chassis and engine bay, and positioned the fuel tank beneath the front seats. This provides rear seat passengers with more space and comfort.

The HR-V also introduces body stabilising front seats featuring mat-structure support, replacing the previous spring set-up. This helps to prevent fatigue on long journeys and increase comfort for everyday use.

Honda HR-V Rear Seat Space

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