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The future is here with the Honda e. This small but mighty car is a technological masterpiece, with its functionality extending into every area to make life easier, safer, smoother and more convenient for those onboard. The Honda e is innovative and inimitable - cleverer than most and packed with technology to make life easy - a standout electric car, full of new features to try.

Hidden handles

The door handles on the Honda e are flush to maintain the simple, clean lines of the exterior. Simply press the unlock button on the key fob and the handles will open out. The keyless smart entry means that the handles will sense you as you approach the car and pop out to greet you. When you walk away, simply brush your fingers on the door handles after closing the door. They’ll retract back and lock automatically.

Interior of the Honda e

Side Camera Mirror System

Side mirrors are a thing of the past, as Honda has replaced them with camera displays instead. Two six-inch screens on either side of the dashboard display a live feed of the view behind – a first in the small car segment. This is usually something that’s been a feature of concept cars for decades, but it has now become a reality.

You also have the option of switching the rear-view mirror on the windscreen to a camera with Honda’s Centre Camera Mirror System. This guarantees optimised visibility in all conditions, from pitch-back to torrential rain. The lack of mirrors and Sky View roof creates a feeling of panoramic visibility, whilst the heated windscreen makes light work of ice in the winter.

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Ahead of the driver, there are another three full-colour screens running the width of the dashboard to replace the usual, old-fashioned instruments we are used to seeing. An 8.8-inch TFT display presents power and charge status, drive mode and safety feature details. You can also create a custom display just for you.

Across the dashboard, you will see dual 12.3-inch LCD touchscreens with smartphone-style pinch and swipe controls, giving passengers the opportunity to join in. They can input directions, set the routing to live then swipe the screen over to the driver’s line of sight. This also means that the passenger can scroll through playlists without taking the navigation away from the driver.

The screens are fully customisable and are simple and straightforward to use. The Honda e even has a virtual fish tank display. You can choose how many fish you have, what sort of fish they are and the type of tank they live in. Just don’t forget to feed them!

Honda e Fish Tank

Park and Play

The dashboard has an HDMI input, so you can plug in your console and view games on the car’s LCD display - perfect for when the car is charging. You can power your games console through a 3-pin socket located in the centre console. Not a video games fan? Why not watch a movie instead, the sky's the limit with the Honda e. USB charging sockets and the Honda Wi-Fi hotspot also come as standard, making sure the whole family is happy.

Lounge Access

The lounge-like interior has been modelled on luxury living rooms, with all the comfort, style, and relaxing space you could dream of. The seats are finished in high-end materials and there are LED downlighters in the roof. A premium wood grain-style trim gives the interior a boutique hotel feel. The 180-watt sound system provides a cinematic, living-room feel. The Honda e Advance upgrades this to a 376-watt premium audio system, complete with an external amp, 75-watt subwoofer and a central speaker to give a surround-sound effect.


The Honda e has a three-figure driving range and is ready for fast charging, giving an 80% full battery in just 31 minutes. The Honda e also has Honda SENSING city brake support, adaptive cruise control and a device that warns you if something is sitting in your blind spot.

You can also use the car’s clever technology to make parking a breeze, with full 360-degree around-view monitor. Engage Parking Pilot (only available on the Honda e Advance) and let the car autonomously take over and park itself.

Interior of the Honda e

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