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Life with a Hybrid provides you with a much greener lifestyle. Saving money on fuel, reducing emissions and even recharging their batteries without being plugged in are some of the ways that show Hybrids cars are the way forward. As well as being a more eco-friendly solution, they are actually designed to make your life easier too.

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Toyota Hybrid

The benefits of Hybrid

Prius Hybrid

Our Hybrids are made up of two engines: one petrol, one electric. They work together to deliver smooth power and responsive torque, as and when you need it. Should you need any extra performance – for instance, when you’re overtaking – simply press the Power button and enjoy an immediate reply.

The perfect partnership of an electric motor and a petrol engine means our hybrid emissions start as small as 70g per km, which is an amazingly low statistic for a family car. In fact, when driving in electric EV-mode, they can drive up to 50km/h without producing any emissions whatsoever – you’d find more CO2 in a spent balloon.

Prius Hybrid interior

While on most cars, the cost of fuel increases when driving in the city, but Hybrids don’t behave like most cars. They recycle energy and have two engines working together to deliver figures as impressively low as 3 litres of petrol consumed per 100km.

This can be reduced even further when driving in Eco Mode. And if you want to eliminate that figure completely, simply select electric EV-mode, go easy on the pedal and you won’t use a single drop when accelerating up to 30mph.

When driving in EV-mode, you’ll notice nothing at all - the silence and sheer tranquillity of the engine really is something you have to experience to believe. Electric EV-mode also produces zero emissions and provides an ultra-smooth ride. In fact, it’s a very calm place to be.

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I run out of power?

Unlike electric cars or plug-in hybrids, you’ll never have to connect a Toyota Petrol Hybrid to a power socket – they’re self-charging and always ready to go.

What’s the range?

Thanks to the self-charging petrol-electric, you’ll never run out of range. Simple top up with fuel and away you go!

Do I need to plug in?

No. Our petrol hybrid systems self-charge the batteries of the electric motor through innovative energy conversion and regenerative braking.

Are hybrid cars more expensive?

There’s no extra running costs or maintenance for a Toyota Self-Charging Hybrid vehicle. In fact, in the long term, you’re likely to make savings on fuel costs when your Toyota Hybrid chooses to drive using the electric motors, and tax breaks on lower emissions where applicable.

How reliable are hybrid cars?

Our hybrid models are as reliable as similar petrol and diesel cars. They’re exceptionally durable, and their electric motors and generators are completely maintenance free.

How long will the battery last? How often do you have to change a hybrid car battery?

Maintenance and service costs for a hybrid vehicle are similar to conventional petrol or diesel cars and your Toyota Hybrid battery is also covered by the same 5-year or 100,000-mile warranty as the rest of the car.

Having an annual ‘Hybrid Health Check’ by Toyota will extend the standard warranty for another year, or 10,000 miles, meaning your hybrid battery lifespan can be covered up to a total of 11 years, with no limit on total mileage. Remember too, that Toyota’s Hybrid Health Check is free as part of your overall servicing plan – and only costs £45 should you wish to have one done as a one-off.