Keep cool with an Air Con Check for just £39.50

Book your Air Conditioning Check today.

Now the good weather is with us, it’s time to ensure your air conditioning is operating at 100% efficiency. To ensure the air you breathe is as cool, fresh and clean as it should be, why not book in for an air conditioning check.

We will:

• Carry out a diagnostic test to see if there are any faults within the air conditioning system and report our findings
• Check the volume of refrigerant and pressures within the system
• Carry out any Mercedes-Benz software updates to your air conditioning
• Perform a visual inspection of your pollen, charcoal and combination filters and offer a replacement if required*
• Treat the ventilation system with an antibacterial agent to kill bacteria and spores which can build up over time and affect those with breathing conditions

So if you want to feel cool, calm and collected this summer, book your check today.