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Incredible savings and September delivery

We have a selection of new MINI models in stock and available for September delivery. Take a look at the list of available cars below then contact your local Listers retailer for more information. Act fast, offers are available on a first come, first served basis.

Each vehicle arrives with:
- Significant contributions
- 3 years’ warranty
- 3 years’ European roadside assistance
- MINI Emergency services

Alternatively, view our zero deposit MINI offers.

Immediate delivery stock

Reference Number Model Colour Retailer
4481158One 3-Door HatchPepper WhiteListers Boston
4481161One 3-Door HatchStarlight BlueListers Boston
4435127Cooper 3-Door HatchChili RedListers Boston
4411786Cooper 3-Door HatchEmerald GreyListers Boston
4458811Cooper 3-Door HatchMelting SilverListers Boston
4435153Cooper 3-Door HatchMidnight BlackListers Boston
4435029Cooper 3-Door HatchPepper WhiteListers Boston
4501177Cooper 3-Door HatchStarlight BlueListers King’s Lynn
4501700Cooper 3-Door HatchLapisluxury BlueListers King’s Lynn
4501709Cooper 3-Door HatchWhite SilverListers King’s Lynn
4523418Cooper 3-Door HatchPepper WhiteListers King’s Lynn
4523425Cooper 3-Door HatchStarlight BlueListers King’s Lynn
4460011Cooper 3-Door HatchPepper WhiteListers Boston
4411789Cooper 3-Door HatchStarlight BlueListers Boston
4382727Cooper 3-Door HatchStarlight BlueListers Boston
4435206Cooper 3-Door HatchStarlight BlueListers Boston
4458220Cooper 3-Door HatchStarlight BlueListers Boston
4458820Cooper S 3-Door HatchPepper WhiteListers Boston
4471970Cooper S 3-Door HatchMidnight BlackListers King’s Lynn
4523430Cooper S 3-Door HatchWhite SilverListers King’s Lynn
4374496JCW 3-Door HatchStarlight BlueListers Boston
4470277Cooper 5-Door HatchWhite SilverListers King’s Lynn
4523408Cooper 5-Door HatchStarlight BlueListers King’s Lynn
4523463Cooper 5-Door HatchPepper WhiteListers King’s Lynn
4530321Cooper 5-Door HatchElectric BlueListers King’s Lynn
4530323Cooper 5-Door HatchMidnight BlackListers King’s Lynn
4530324Cooper 5-Door HatchMoonwalk GreyListers King’s Lynn
4530326Cooper 5-Door HatchChili RedListers King’s Lynn
4530329Cooper 5-Door HatchMidnight BlackListers King’s Lynn
4530336Cooper 5-Door HatchStarlight BlueListers King’s Lynn
4530339Cooper 5-Door HatchPepper WhiteListers King’s Lynn
4521642Cooper 5-Door HatchMelting SilverListers Boston
4521658Cooper 5-Door HatchMelting SilverListers Boston
4374212Cooper 5-Door HatchMidnight BlackListers Boston
4521649Cooper 5-Door HatchMidnight BlackListers Boston
4521638Cooper 5-Door HatchMoonwalk GreyListers Boston
4521653Cooper 5-Door HatchMoonwalk GreyListers Boston
4521605Cooper 5-Door HatchPepper WhiteListers Boston
4521614Cooper 5-Door HatchStarlight BlueListers Boston
4521646Cooper 5-Door HatchStarlight BlueListers Boston
4523413Cooper S 5-Door HatchThunder GreyListers King’s Lynn
4362308Cooper ClubmanPepper WhiteListers Boston
4379403Cooper ClubmanPepper WhiteListers Boston
4462725Cooper ClubmanPepper WhiteListers Boston
4470218Cooper ClubmanMidnight BlackListers King’s Lynn
4470238Cooper ClubmanBritish Racing GreenListers King’s Lynn
4501217Cooper ClubmanThunder GreyListers King’s Lynn
4501220Cooper ClubmanPure BurgundyListers King’s Lynn
4501223Cooper ClubmanStarlight BlueListers King’s Lynn
4490737Cooper ConvertibleElectric BlueListers King’s Lynn
4501028Cooper ConvertiblePepper WhiteListers King’s Lynn
4501031Cooper ConvertibleStarlight BlueListers King’s Lynn
4523472Cooper ConvertibleStarlight BlueListers King’s Lynn
4472019Cooper S ConvertibleStarlight BlueListers King’s Lynn
4490741Cooper S ConvertibleBritish Racing GreenListers King’s Lynn
4523461Cooper S ConvertibleMidnight BlackListers King’s Lynn
4521541Cooper CountrymanIsland BlueListers Boston
4521522Cooper CountrymanMelting SilverListers Boston
4471838Cooper CountrymanMidnight BlackListers Boston
4521527Cooper CountrymanMidnight BlackListers Boston
4490742Cooper CountrymanIsland BlueListers King’s Lynn
4490751Cooper CountrymanLight WhiteListers King’s Lynn
4500998Cooper CountrymanLight WhiteListers King’s Lynn
4501003Cooper CountrymanIsland BlueListers King’s Lynn
4523350Cooper CountrymanMoonwalk GreyListers King’s Lynn
4523351Cooper CountrymanChili RedListers King’s Lynn
4523357Cooper CountrymanMoonwalk GreyListers King’s Lynn
4523366Cooper CountrymanBritish Racing GreenListers King’s Lynn
4523372Cooper CountrymanIsland BlueListers King’s Lynn
4523374Cooper CountrymanBritish Racing GreenListers King’s Lynn
4523378Cooper CountrymanMidnight BlackListers King’s Lynn
4523383Cooper CountrymanLight WhiteListers King’s Lynn
4523388Cooper CountrymanThunder GreyListers King’s Lynn
4530349Cooper CountrymanThunder GreyListers King’s Lynn
4448145Cooper D CountrymanMelting SilverListers Boston
4448149Cooper D CountrymanMidnight BlackListers Boston
4404748Cooper D CountrymanMoonwalk GreyListers Boston
4521562Cooper S CountrymanMidnight BlackListers Boston
4485505Cooper SD CountrymanThunder GreyListers Boston
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