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Are you eligible for the Motability Scheme or know somebody who is? Then we have some excellent offers on some great vans and lifestyle products available for a limited time only:

Transporter Shuttle

Comfort is paramount in the Transporter shuttle with its folding armrests on the driver’s seat, choice of single or double seat passenger bench, various storage options and seat settings. From the 4-seater to the 9-seater package, you’ll find a suitable configuration for all of your needs.

Model Advanced Payment
Transporter Shuttle 2.0TDI T32 S BMT Manual£740
Transporter Shuttle 2.0TDI T32 BMT SE Manual£1,927
Transporter Shuttle 2.0TDI T32 SE BMT LWB Auto£2,662
caddy life

Caddy Life

The Caddy Life combines space, luxury, safety and quality in equal measure. Offering flexibility and economy with their range of Euro 6 TDI diesel engines, all models combine the ability to seat up to seven (including the driver), with the ability to transport heavy or bulky items. Even when fully-loaded with passengers, there’s plenty of space for storage.

Model Advanced Payment
Caddy 2.0TDI Life Manual£365
Caddy 2.0TDI Life Automatic£1,186

Caddy Maxi Life

The Caddy Maxi Life features a near identical specification to the shorter Caddy Life, with the addition of the most valuable of commodities – more space. Seating up to seven (including the driver) as standard, it’s 470mm longer and offers an impressive extra 340 litres of load capacity. For passengers, this means more space to relax, but most importantly, extra space for storage.

Model Advanced Payment
Caddy Maxi 2.0TDI Maxi Life Manual£642
Caddy Maxi 2.0TDI Maxi Life Automatic£1,137
maxi life

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