MINI Air Conditioning Refresh.

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Cool off. Book your MINI Air Conditioning Refresh.

As the temperatures rise, so does the need to make sure your MINI’s air conditioning is working as it should.

Protect yourself and your passengers from air pollutants and bacteria with a MINI refresh air conditioning service. This ensures the microfilters are operating at their best and the refrigerant gas is working as it should.

Keeping your cool as the summer hots up is a pre-requisite of an enjoyable MINI drive. And now, you can book your MINI Air Conditioning Refresh for just £39 by using the button below.

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What’s included?

Our MINI-trained technicians will:
- Restore maximum air conditioning performance.
- Get rid of musty odours.
- Service your system to eliminate most germs from the air duct system.
- Treat air vents and MINI interior.

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  • Offer is valid for Air Conditioning refresh only, and does not cover the replacement or replenishment of refrigerant gas.