Huge savings on nearly-new BMWs

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Huge savings on nearly-new BMW models.

Enjoy extraordinary value on a selection of nearly-new BMW models at Listers in Boston and King’s Lynn. All vehicles are available for immediate delivery. Simply browse the stock list below then contact your local Listers Retailer for more information.

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BMW Approved Used stocklist

Model Colour Reg Price as New Now Saving from New
118d Sport 3-doorMediterranean BlueAR19DUH£28,165£16,488£11,677Find out more
118i M Sport 5-doorAlpine WhiteAO69LMY£27,040£25,988£1,052Find out more
118d M Sport 5-doorAlpine WhiteAP69AAX£30,850£26,988£3,862Find out more
118d M Sport 5-doorStorm BayFV69CXW£33,560£27,400£6,160Find out more
118i M Sport 5-doorMineral GreyAP69DDA£30,750£26,488£4,262Find out more
118i M Sport 5-doorMelbourne RedAP69DGO£29,750£23,488£6,262Find out more
118i M Sport 5-doorMisano BlueAP69DGY£28,950£23,988£4,962Find out more
118i M Sport 5-doorMisano BlueFY69XYP£27,900£22,899£5,001Find out more
118i Sport 5-doorAlpine WhiteFV69ATO£26,590£22,399£4,191Find out more
M135i xDrive 5-doorBlack SapphireAO69ZGD£38,290£30,988£7,302Find out more
M135i xDrive 5-doorMisano BlueAU69YGO£38,240£30,488£7,752Find out more
M135i xDrive 5-doorMisano BlueFY69HFR£38,240£30,399£7,841Find out more
220i M Sport ConvertibleMelbourne RedAU69GKD£37,585£28,988£8,597Find out more
218i Luxury Active TourerMediterranean BlueAO69WBD£30,370£23,988£6,382Find out more
218i Sport Gran TourerGlacier SilverAO69AHG£31,520£23,488£8,032Find out more
220d M Sport Gran TourerMineral WhiteAP69DLN£37,695£29,988£7,707Find out more
220d xDrive M Sport Gran TourerMineral GreyFV69DXE£39,645£25,400£14,245Find out more
220d xDrive Sport Gran TourerGlacier SilverFT19XSD£37,605£21,900£15,705Find out more
320d M Sport SaloonMineral WhiteFR19HZB£39,085£26,900£12,185Find out more
320i M Sport SaloonSunset OrangeFV69DXC£38,145£28,899£9,246Find out more
320i M Sport SaloonSunset OrangeFX69LGE£38,965£28,600£10,365Find out more
320i M Sport SaloonBlack SapphireFX69LJC£40,015£28,600£11,415Find out more
320d xDrive M Sport SaloonAlpine WhiteFT19TZD£43,595£27,200£16,395Find out more
320i M Sport SaloonBlack SapphireAP69FXY£36,265£29,988£6,277Find out more
320d M Sport SaloonMineral WhiteAO69HZA£42,765£32,988£9,777Find out more
330e M Sport SaloonMineral WhiteAO69AOF£42,160£33,488£8,672Find out more
320d M Sport SaloonBlack SapphireFV69THZ£43,855£34,899£8,956Find out more
330e M Sport SaloonPortimao BlueAP69AHG£39,960£36,988£2,972Find out more
330e M Sport SaloonMineral GreyAP69AHJ£42,160£36,988£5,172Find out more
330e M Sport SaloonPortimao BlueAP69CSX£41,570£36,988£4,582Find out more
M340i xDrive SaloonTanzanite BlueAO69RZM£52,745£52,488£257Find out more
M340i xDrive SaloonBlack SapphireFX69LHO£51,215£38,900£12,315Find out more
320d xDrive M Sport TouringMineral WhiteFY69HFO£45,205£31,900£13,305Find out more
320i M Sport TouringBlack SapphireFV69JCO£41,715£32,899£8,816Find out more
330d xDrive M Sport TouringDravit GreyAU69YGV£54,055£41,988£12,067Find out more
430i M Sport CoupéBlack SapphireFX69LHV£43,220£26,490£16,730Find out more
430i M Sport CoupéEstoril BlueFV69DPE£44,020£28,500£15,520Find out more
420d xDrive M Sport Gran CoupéMineral GreyFX69LHU£44,155£26,400£17,755Find out more
530e M Sport SaloonCarbon BlackFX68UOH£55,315£30,900£24,415Find out more
520i M Sport SaloonSophisto GreyAO69LOA£43,285£30,988£12,297Find out more
530i M Sport SaloonBlack SapphireFY69HFL£49,975£32,990£16,985Find out more
530d M Sport SaloonSophisto GreyFX69LHY£53,175£33,900£19,275Find out more
530e M Sport SaloonMediterranean BlueAP69DDE£53,285£39,988£13,297Find out more
745Le xDrive M SportBlack SapphireAU69YYH£101,425£68,988£32,437Find out more
840i CoupéBlack SapphireFV69LAA£79,870£55,899£23,971Find out more
M850i xDrive CoupéSonic Speed BlueFT19XSJ£105,705£77,524£28,181Find out more
M2 Competition CoupeHockenheim SilverAR19DUY£54,445£47,988£6,457Find out more
M4 Competition PackageAzurite BlackAU69YHH£70,820£58,988£11,832Find out more
M5 Competition SaloonBlack SapphireAO69AHA£101,150£77,500£23,650Find out more
X1 xDrive20i SportBlack SapphireAO69ANX£36,255£27,988£8,267Find out more
X1 xDrive18d M SportAlpine WhiteAP69DHD£38,815£28,988£9,827Find out more
X1 xDrive20d M SportBlack SapphireFY69HHN£41,905£29,900£12,005Find out more
X2 sDrive20i M SportMisano BlueFV69NRK£38,295£30,900£7,395Find out more
X3 xDrive20d xLinePhytonic BlueAO69HHZ£43,780£34,988£8,792Find out more
X3 xDrive20d xLineMineral WhiteAP69FHX£43,750£35,988£7,762Find out more
X3 xDrive30d M SportBlack SapphireAU69YGP£50,895£37,988£12,907Find out more
X3 xDrive20d M SportGlacier SilverFV69YAW£47,720£38,900£8,820Find out more
X3 M CompetitionBlack SapphireFX69LGF£80,175£59,800£20,375Find out more
X3 M CompetitionBlack SapphireAU69XXF£82,070£72,335£9,735Find out more
X5 xDrive30d M SportPhytonic BlueAP69DDX£67,750£53,988£13,762Find out more
X6 xDrive30d M SportRiverside BlueFV69GPX£74,070£52,893£21,177Find out more
X6 xDrive40i M SportCarbon BlackAO69XXD£75,385£68,081£7,304Find out more
X7 xDrive30d M SportCarbon BlackAP69DCX£79,610£75,988£3,622Find out more
Z4 sDrive20i M SportBlack SapphireAO69RZR£42,005£33,896£8,109Find out more
Z4 sDrive30i M SportMisano BlueFR19UUP£48,685£34,400£14,285Find out more
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