BMW Cyber Week New Car offers.

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Fantastic savings on new BMW models.

Cyber Week presents a unique opportunity to enjoy fantastic savings on a selection of new BMW models. With over 100 in stock, there’s plenty to choose from. Act fast, these offers are available on a first come, first served basis.

Browse the stock below, then contact your local Listers Retailer for more information or to book an online consultation with a member of the team.

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BMW New Car offers

New BMW Stock.

Reference No. Model Was Event Price Save
B6225184118d M Sport£30,015£26,399£3,616Find out more
B6225168118d M Sport£30,575£27,893£2,682Find out more
B6208515118d M Sport£30,875£28,186£2,689Find out more
B6208759118d M Sport£32,375£29,641£2,734Find out more
K6208569118d M Sport£32,375£29,500£2,875Find out more
B4269244118d Sport£30,375£28,252£2,123Find out more
K6211180118i M Sport£29,605£27,000£2,605Find out more
K6211176118i M Sport£29,605£27,000£2,605Find out more
K6211221118i M Sport£30,165£27,500£2,665Find out more
K6211219118i M Sport£30,165£27,500£2,665Find out more
B6225191120d M Sport£33,955£32,970£985Find out more
K6209597120d xDrive M Sport£37,855£35,000£2,855Find out more
K6209618120d xDrive M Sport£40,105£37,000£3,105Find out more
K6251963128ti£37,030£36,000£1,030Find out more
K4310840M135i xDrive£37,140£36,070£1,070Find out more
B6209668M135i xDrive£39,500£38,359£1,141Find out more
K4269565M135i xDrive£40,470£37,000£3,470Find out more
K6222397218d Sport Gran Coupé£31,850£29,000£2,850Find out more
K4382515218i M Sport Gran Coupé£39,040£37,000£2,040Find out more
K6222734220d M Sport Gran Coupé£37,915£36,000£1,915Find out more
K6199581M235i xDrive Gran Coupé£40,985£38,000£2,985Find out more
K6215925M235i xDrive Gran Coupé£41,545£38,500£3,045Find out more
B4208371220d Luxury Gran Tourer£37,590£34,381£3,209Find out more
B4330691320d M Sport Pro Edition Saloon£48,390£44,454£3,936Find out more
K4286533320d M Sport Saloon£38,455£34,000£4,455Find out more
B4326188320d M Sport Saloon£39,320£36,028£3,292Find out more
K4326156320d M Sport Saloon£39,670£35,000£4,670Find out more
K4326168320d M Sport Saloon£39,670£35,000£4,670Find out more
K4330665320d M Sport Saloon£39,990£35,500£4,490Find out more
K4326198320d M Sport Saloon£39,990£35,500£4,490Find out more
K4330580320d M Sport Saloon£41,870£37,000£4,870Find out more
K4330702320d M Sport Saloon£42,690£38,000£4,690Find out more
K4330652320d M Sport Saloon£42,690£38,000£4,690Find out more
K4341295320i M Sport Saloon£39,395£35,500£3,895Find out more
B4330496320i M Sport Plus Edition Saloon£45,915£42,147£3,768Find out more
K6249643M340d xDrive Saloon£52,315£47,500£4,815Find out more
K6249578M340d xDrive Saloon£53,415£48,500£4,915Find out more
K6253042M340i xDrive Saloon£55,505£50,500£5,005Find out more
K6253094M340i xDrive Saloon£58,005£53,000£5,005Find out more
K4330108320d M Sport Touring£41,930£37,000£4,930Find out more
K4221241320d M Sport Touring£42,035£37,500£4,535Find out more
K4330036320d M Sport Touring£42,100£37,500£4,600Find out more
B4330256320d M Sport Touring£42,740£38,913£3,827Find out more
K4221389320d M Sport Touring£45,835£41,500£4,335Find out more
B6228818420i M Sport Coupé£40,540£38,569£1,971Find out more
K4387970420i M Sport Coupé£46,555£43,000£3,555Find out more
K6227802420i M Sport Coupé£47,015£44,737£2,278Find out more
K4387736420i M Sport Coupé£48,965£45,500£3,465Find out more
K4387923420d xDrive M Sport Coupé£49,320£46,000£3,320Find out more
B6228866M440i xDrive Coupé£59,965£57,055£2,910Find out more
K4396656530e M Sport Saloon£59,580£51,500£8,080Find out more
K4396647530e M Sport Saloon£59,670£51,500£8,170Find out more
K6194749530e M Sport Saloon£60,915£52,500£8,415Find out more
K4390529i3 120Ah£37,365£35,000£2,365Find out more
K6206811i3 120Ah£39,325£37,000£2,325Find out more
K6207152i3 120Ah£39,425£37,000£2,425Find out more
B6206689i3 120Ah£39,975£36,963£3,012Find out more
K6221842M2 Competition£57,990£52,000£5,990Find out more
K6207732M2 Competition£57,990£52,000£5,990Find out more
K4360932M2 Competition£59,340£53,500£5,840Find out more
K4066544M4 Coupé£67,720£52,000£15,720Find out more
K6216587M5 Competition Saloon£103,905£88,000£15,905Find out more
K6219681M5 Competition Saloon£110,225£95,000£15,225Find out more
K6205969M8 Competition Coupé£144,545£124,000£20,545Find out more
K4322328X1 sDrive18i SE£30,015£28,571£1,444Find out more
K6224580X1 xDrive20d M Sport£39,500£37,598£1,902Find out more
K4272071X2 M35i£46,995£42,000£4,995Find out more
K4272010X2 M35i£47,395£42,500£4,895Find out more
K4272049X2 M35i£47,545£42,500£5,045Find out more
B4379220X3 xDrive20d M Sport£45,055£40,976£4,079Find out more
K4379701X3 xDrive20d M Sport£46,045£42,000£4,045Find out more
B4403669X3 xDrive20d M Sport£47,625£43,416£4,209Find out more
K4383610X3 M Competition£83,830£71,000£12,830Find out more
K6220983X5 xDrive30d M Sport£65,770£60,000£5,770Find out more
B6220891X5 xDrive30d M Sport£68,210£62,543£5,667Find out more
K6220890X5 xDrive30d M Sport£68,210£62,000£6,210Find out more
B4328362X5 xDrive30d M Sport£69,710£66,363£3,347Find out more
K6219745X5 xDrive30d M Sport£74,370£70,762£3,608Find out more
K4349751X5 xDrive40d M Sport£70,030£66,667£3,363Find out more
B4351446X5 xDrive40i M Sport£68,980£63,864£5,116Find out more
K4301135X5 xDrive45e M Sport£80,115£76,154£3,961Find out more
B4349740X5 M50d£76,520£70,482£6,038Find out more
K4288248X5 M50d£76,520£70,000£6,520Find out more
K4349686X5 M50d£76,520£70,000£6,520Find out more
K4288271X5 M50d£76,520£70,000£6,520Find out more
B4349735X5 M50d£78,865£72,039£6,826Find out more
K6220482X5 M50d£78,960£71,500£7,460Find out more
K6216132X6 M Competition£118,175£110,000£8,175Find out more
K4290532X6 M50d£80,165£72,500£7,665Find out more
K4292243X6 xDrive40i M Sport£80,850£73,000£7,850Find out more
K4291250X7 xDrive40i M Sport£86,345£78,500£7,845Find out more
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