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Lexus Winter Health Check available for just £49, get prepared for the Winter months.

Embrace winter with our Winter Health Check.

Enjoy safe and efficient driving this winter with a health check designed specifically for your Lexus. Whether you’re preparing for a Christmas trip to see family or planning a journey through the snow, we are here to make sure your vehicle is ready for lower temperatures and unpredictable conditions.

Explore our selection of offers below to enhance your winter experience or use the button below to book an appointment today.

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Lexus Winter Health Check includes:

  • Battery
  • Lights
  • Cooling System & Anti-Freeze Content
  • Auxiliary Belt
  • Tyres (including pressure adjustments)
  • Screen Wash
  • Power Steering
  • Brakes & Fluid Levels

Enhance your winter experience with our Lexus offers:

Winter Health Check including Lexus rubber mats or boot liner for £139*.


For only £139, you'll not only receive the Winter Health Check but also get to choose between Lexus Rubber Mats or a Boot Liner. These accessories will help protect your vehicle's interior from winter weather, keeping it clean and cozy.

Winter Health Check including Rubber mats & Boot liner for £229*.


For the ultimate winter protection, for £229 get the standard winter health check, along with the added benefit of both Lexus rubber mats and a boot liner. Ensure your car stays pristine inside and out throughout the season.


10% off Winter Tyres*.

When the weather’s cold you need tyres you can rely on. Lexus tyres will cope with anything from icy roads to off-road detours. Preparing you for whatever the season may throw your way. Made of compounds that can withstand low temperatures and have improved grip on the road.

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*Terms and conditions apply. Winter Health Check is only available until 29th February 2024 and is subject to availability. ^Excluding MY23 RX Rubber mats & LC.