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Featured Isuzu Review: ‘RUGGEDNESS TO THE MAX’


Car and Driving's Independent Used Review of the Isuzu D-Max (2012 - 2017)

By Jonathan Crouch
Added 26th May, 2017

If you thought Isuzu pick-ups were a bit rough and ready, it's about time you gave the D-Max a try. Once this brand was really one reserved for the requirements of pure commercial operators. These days though, it'll also suit private buyers looking for an all-terrain utility vehicle that can play the lifestyle card. But how does it stack up in its crowded market? Very well actually. Pricewise, it's one of the best value choices in the class and with this post-2012 design, Isuzu's appeal in the pick-up sector was broadened to suit the sort of buyer who would previously have automatically looked to a Nissan Navara or a Toyota Hilux. The sort of person who might not be considering this D-Max. But probably should be.

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