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Featured Smart Review: ‘SMARTER THAN THE AVERAGE CAR?’


Car and Driving's Independent Used Review of the smart fortwo range (2007 - 2014)

Added 22nd September, 2014

It took a while but motorists gradually started to come round to Smart's way of thinking. Smart's problem was that rival manufacturers did too. The ForTwo once stood virtually alone as a city car that adhered strictly to the principles of compact size, light weight, maximum fuel economy and a trendy urban cool image. By the time the second generation came along, you couldn't move at the motorshows for dinky vehicles from rival manufacturers trying to annex a slice of Smart's territory. To date, however, the ForTwo remains arguably the purest exponent of the genre. Whether its reluctance to bend its own rules will give it an edge in the small car future remains to be seen but used buyers seeking chic urban transport for two could do a lot worse.

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