Building Customer Loyalty

Mercedes-Benz of Grimsby values it's customers

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I am most satisfied with Mercedes-Benz of Grimsby’s handling of the MOT test for my car. Michael was able to have the work completed on the day I phoned. He was aware of the car’s condition, but the checks were completed & as a result the vehicle passed without any unexpected surprises & at minimal cost. Thank you Michael - 10/10!!

Turning now to the dealership as a whole. I moved to the area a few years ago & I have been impressed with Mercedes-Benz of Grimsby ever since my vehicle has been ”on their books”. Warranty work has been arranged automatically without fuss & reminders for services etc diaried in. The inference is that Mercedes-Benz of Grimsby values my custom & wants to look after me. Light bulbs replaced, key batteries chanded between services - all without charge. This is an inspied policy which builds customer loyalty, & I am not fearful of recieving a bill every time I turn up at Laceby Crossroads. It also indicates Mercedes-Benz of Grimsby’s confidence in it’s product & is reassuring to customers. Trust & confidence is all important & Mercedes-Benz of Grimsby, through it’s policies & actions has earned both trust & loyalty; the net result being that I intend to remain a customer for the forseeable future. It was especially pleasing to reciprocate Mercedes-Benz of Grimsby’s loyalty by buying a new car there earlier this year & also to follow Michael’s recommendation in buying a servie package.

Well done to all at Mercedes-Benz of Grimsby & well done The Lister Group!

Yours sincerly

Mr Crang