I just wanted to let you know that I am a 'completely satisfied' & very impressed Toyota customer.

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Sue Gallagher 18th June 2012

Having purchased a new Toyota Verso at the end of April & visited your service centre on Wednesday last week I just wanted to let you know that I am a ‘completely satisfied’ & very impressed Toyota customer.

Having been involved, as a family, in a horrific car crash last August, in which my husband was killed, our 3 children were injured & I was left fighting for my life, the decision to purchase a new car was something I considered very carefully.

Having researched the full range of makes and models and identified the approximate size of car I wanted on the Internet, I started my visits to dealers with a visit to Listers Toyota. From the moment I arrived I was made to feel welcome and staff were extremely helpful giving my Dad and I space to look, try and ask questions. Following our RTA and the serious injuries I’d suffered I was completely reassured by the safety features in the Verso. The extensive vision, large mirrors and reversing camera were ideal and the driving position was extremely comfortable.

Never having bought a brand new car before we continued the search to ensure I made the right choice and went on to visit four other dealers in Coventry so that we could make comparisons. At the end of this the Verso and the Listers Toyota dealership shone out in a completely different class to everything else we’d seen and experienced.

I found it easy to book a test drive and not being sure whether to go for a petrol or diesel engine it was no trouble for me to test drive both before making a decision. All members of the sales team were extremely helpful and willingly gave their time to answer questions and help me ensure I was making the best decision for my circumstances.

Completing the sales purchase was simple and easy (even though we’d only dropped in to the dealership as we were passing) and the car was ready for collection within two weeks of ordering. I received excellent service throughout.

The car is fantastic to drive and its flexible seating and storage has proved ideal for my family. What has made me even more certain that I will always be a Toyota owner from now on is the service I received when I wanted to get the car checked last week.

The service centre fitted my car in within an hour of me phoning. Everyone was extremely helpful and made me feel welcome and checking the car was no trouble at all. I received reassuring feedback and the car also got washed and vacuumed - fantastic service!

What I have now is the peace of mind that I can get the car checked if I’m ever uncertain about anything without any trouble at all - being without my husband that was one of my greatest concerns.

As I said before, I am a very satisfied customer and and am sure I will continue to be for a long time to come. Please thank all your staff for the top quality service they provide - it is a pleasure to be a Toyota customer.

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