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A. Skinner, 5th October 2012


Am so sorry for the delay, everything has been a bonkers since we spoke! Work is very busy and I have been on holiday twice!

Anyway, the car arrived on Sept 5th as arranged with Kim, and I LOVE it! Such a lovely drive and it’s very exciting having a new car. Only problem is I find myself constantly worried about it when it’s parked somewhere unfamiliar (supermarket car park etc) as I worry about people damaging it! An overprotective owner….

Anyway, the experience as a whole was great. From initial discussions with you, I was pretty much presented with my car of choice within a month. Kim was helpful and answered my questions and the driver who delivered it was a lovely guy. All in all, a very easy, efficient service provided by all involved!

Thanks again so much for your help,

A. Skinner

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