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Review by A Wildsmith. 9 January 2013

Dear Mike,

In this ever increasing world of dissatisfaction I wanted to relay to you my extreme satisfaction and thanks to two members of your team who were really helpful and kind to me late yesterday afternoon.

On making my way on a long school run I heard a very loud noise which sounded as if something was severely wrong with my Golf. I have to say I panicked and wasn’t really sure weather I should be stopping on the roadside and calling the RAC (having already had to abandon the school run and make rushed alternative arrangements) or to try and drive to Stratford and risk possibly damaging my beloved car!

I decided to keep on driving and arrived in a somewhat distressed state and was rather upset and perhaps a little rude to Alistair. However he couldn’t have been nicer, making me a cup of tea and checking to see I was alright (I was actually very close to tears although it may have appeared I was just plain grumpy!). Then a really nice man (I think his name was Nick but this can be verified by Alistair) came out for a road test with me. He was very sweet and reassuring and I felt much better. The culprit was a stone in my brakes which you removed.

Please pass on my thanks, they are truly an asset to your department and their empathy with the customer is of the highest order.

Kind regards,

A Wildsmith

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