Winter Tyres - Like Driving a 4 x 4 !!!!!!!

I can't believe the difference they make!!!!

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I must let you know how impressive these winter tyres are. I have attached some pictures that show the conditions on our local roads after this weeks snow fall. Previously in these conditions my older C Class was hopeless & I’m sure this one would have been the same with the summer tyres. But not now! With the new winter tyres you supplied it’s like driving a 4 x 4!!!!! I haven’t got stuck; I can brake safely without sliding to the side & even hill starts are possible!! They make the car very controllable in these conditions & a real pleasure to drive. I would recommend anyone living in a rural area to invest in a set - you wouldn’t believe the difference they make until you have used them. Anyway, you have probably guessed I’m pleased with these & thank you again for suggesting I use them this winter. Best Regards Mr B