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S Thomson. 4 January 2013

Hi Danny,

Just a quick email to thank your staff for some wonderful customer service I received prior to and during Christmas.

My Scirocco driver side headlight went Christmas Eve Eve (23rd) and I came in fearing the worst with it being so close to Christmas and also knowing how expensive they can be to replace.

Howeverm, with me expecting a lot of shaking heads and with my 4 year old son in tow, I instead received a very pleasing “sit down Mr Thompson we will do it now” attitude. This in itself was very welcoming, but then I was also offered coffee, a soft drink for my son and then to top it all off a gentleman handed him a selection box – all incredible service and the bulb was replaced within 30 minutes and for the small fee of £10.

Now this is when it could have all gone wrong as I left happy…. Unfortunately on turning the car on the next morning (Christmas Eve) – the bulb popped again…

This time I really feared the worst as obviously it was something more serious and Christmas was fast approaching…..headed back to the garage this time with my 5 year old daughter and was once again met with the smiles and apologies for the problem. On further review was told entire light needed changing and therefore I suggested did this mean the car wasn’t driveable as order time was over a week for the part?

Incredibly, without me having to prompt Natalie (I think that was the lady’s name and really hope it was as she was incredible throughout this) – within 10 minutes I was told a courtesy car had been organised and with one call to DVLA I was away and had a car for the Christmas period.

The only challenge I had was getting my daughter out the garage as she had discovered the iPad and chocolates and drinks and biscuits so actually would have been happy to spend Christmas within Listers’ garage…

The final part of the great service was actually when expectations were again over achieved when the car was ready before new year when originally promised.

No doubt you get much correspondence when you don’t meet expectations. However your team really excelled over Christmas and I have told many people what an incredible service I received.

Regards and please pass on my thanks again.

S. Thompson

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