Yet again Excellent Service from Coventry Audi

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Our eldest son, Thomas, had been eyeing up the S3 for a while and when we came in last month to order a new A3, we saw the S3 on the forecourt. Having given the details to Thomas, he decided to test drive it a week last Saturday. I’m sure you won’t be surprised to learn that he decided to buy it and we collected it last Saturday morning from Allan!

It continues to remain difficult to find different words to describe the service we get from Allan Mustapha each time. At risk of repeating ourselves, he is outstanding. His approach is courteous, caring, helpful, intelligent, articulate to name but a few characteristics.

Marv was excellent on Saturday when we saw him for Thomas to sign all the relevant documentation etc and as always Parv was also very helpful. It remains like a family visit and for example, Mark Goodyer and Steve Cranmer will always come to say hello as well as everyone else who acknowledges us too!

So, thank you to you all for your continuing excellent service with our twelfth car from you!

Yours sincerely,

Nick and Sarah Wood

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