Bill’s approach to customer service is never anything less than exemplary

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I write just to express my thanks to two members of your staff for the excellent service received during my purchase of a used Audi A8 from yourselves. I have been an Audi customer since 2001 and a Listers customer since 2004 during which time I have dealt exclusively with Bill Moses from your sales team, purchasing 5 vehicles in all both new and used.

Bill’s approach to customer service is never anything less than exemplary. His politeness, understanding of my requirements and ability to find or suggest a suitable vehicle at a fair price never ceases to impress and once again he has not let me down.

I spent nearly 4 hours with him in mid-February considering a range of options and we have spent innumerable hours engaged in phone calls whilst he considers my wild ideas and completely unrealistic ideas of how much money I think things should cost, each time guiding me in the right direction and successfully turning a crazy idea into me leaving your dealership with another purchase as a happy customer once again.

Each time I have intended to put words to paper to draw attention to his excellence and never have done so, so on this occasion I was determined to ensure that his efforts do not go un-noticed. During this transaction I also had the pleasure of dealing briefly with Pippa Guy to arrange suitable finance and purchase of gap insurance. Once again, as with all your other staff Pippa was polite, clear on what I was being sold and made a potentially complex situation very easy to follow and agree to. As with Bill I was keen to ensure that her efforts did not go un-noted either and felt compelled to draw her excellent service to your attention.

Given the excellent service I have received from 9 years of business with Listers of Worcester, I am sure that the above does not come as any surprise to you – no doubt it is exactly what you hope to hear from all your clients and you would expect nothing below this from any member of staff. Nonetheless it never hurts to take a moment to commend excellent service and effort many would consider above and beyond and I am happy to be able to write such to you. I would be happy to provide a formal testimonial in the future if you require it.

With thanks once again for an excellent experience and a tremendous vehicle.

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