I have to thank Mercedes for producing such a fantastic motor

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Walking through the doors at Mercedes Boston I had a clear vision on what car I wanted to purchase and what was the maximum I was prepared to pay for it.

The car I wanted was a E-Class coupe 220/250, low mileage, max to send £30k, with p/e included.

Being a retired Director of a large organisation I was quiet adamant the above guidelines would be adhered too, additionally to this my wife wanted me to keep our car and keep the money in the bank.

So, how did Jamie Craft sell me a brand new car, spend x amount of £0000 pounds I had no intention of spending. I have taken samples of the coffee and are in the process of having them analysed for drugs.

Sitting at home 24 hours later I am still in shock, but the good news being it is an excited shock. Having had company cars for the past 20 years, these became the same as my phone/ laptop, a necessity to do my job. But this is my retirement gift, to myself.

On a serious note, I have to thank Mercedes for producing such a fantastic motor, John Hazelton for explaining in such comprehensive detail, the financial package, and last but not least to Jamie Craft for being a first class/professional Sales person, who not only sold me a new car, but convinced my wife that doing so, was the correct decision.

Kind regards, currently a very satisfied customer and hopefully will remain as such.