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Dr Wiseman, 14 March 2013

Dear Tim,

With reference to my recent visit to Listers Banbury on 07/03/13 to investigate a red brake warning light I can only say that the service was exceptional.

The impression given by the staff, and the invoice, was that a solution was reached in as economical a manner as possible. I was tempted to have the problem seen to nearer home by a VW dealer but was put off by the time scale before it could be looked at, the possibility of a quick inspection (mechanical and/or safety) being immediately ruled out and a feeling that the cost would escalate if a set of tests drew a blank.

As I waited for the car it didn’t go unnoticed that several customers arrived out of the blue with various mechanical problems; in each case serious attempts were made to try and resolve the problem, in case it was a simple one, there and then.

Similarly, customers were being ferried around.

Attention to ‘small’ matters such as these can only enhance customer loyalty and clearly comes down from the top.


Dr Wiseman

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