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Mrs Mangat, 10 September 2013

Hi Jill,

Jonathan was a delight to be around, his bubbly personality with personal approach made me feel at ease and comfortable with making such a huge investment.

He was very informative and thoroughly kept me up to date with feedback and answered any questions I had about my purchase with a great professional attitude. His infectious laugh makes you want to do business with him again and I have recommended him to friends and family and even the ant that lives in my back garden.

He spent three hours on my handover making sure I felt comfortable with my new Golf before I had left and when I returned to ask some more questions a week later, he very kindly asked if I would like to do another handover. This clearly shows that I am not just a number or target for the previous month and looked after me even past the point of sale, this is exceptional. Jonathan without a doubt exceeded my customer expectations and is a joy to be around on a personal level.

It makes my VW experience so much more enjoyable and my car is a pleasure to drive. I am truly thankful for you all looking after me and putting your customers first. Other manufacturers learn from them and note, you are in stiff competition. This car is great to drive and has good internal specification with current gadgets.

Jonathan is the face and the brand of VW Coventry, he is truly an asset to his company. A job well done!

I am pleased to confirm I am now a part of the VW family. Thank you and I will see you soon.


Mrs Mangat

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