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Nicol and Brian. 17 October 2013.

Listers Motor Company,

I want you to know you have an exceptional employee, Simon Smiddy, in your VW car sales division at Leamington Spa.

His careful attention to his customer needs and wants and patient manner was a great help to me and my husband when our frustration was at an all-time high to buy a car, since we just moved here from the United States. His knowledge of getting everything we needed and his remarkable problem-solving abilities are rare indeed. If the quality of a firm’s employees is an indication of future success, then Listers has a very bright future.

Simon exemplifies special character traits:

His attention to detail helped our buying experience move smoothly, without a single legal snag. His broad knowledge of the cars in your area his helped when many other sales associates would have dealt with easier clients and not been able to troubleshoot in the periods of heaviest demand. His public relations skills helped us find the perfect match for our needs in which most of the others had given up on. We commend his attention to detail. He is the most thorough sales person we have had and is a pleasure to work with, with an excellent sense of details and broad knowledge of cars. He has consistently gone out of his way to make sure we got the right car for us, is courteous, well-trained, dependable and thoughtful, shows diligence and skill efficiently and with good humor, going the extra mile. He is intelligent and cooperative and made sure everything ran smoothly and he followed up after sale. His never-failing professionalism is one of your company’s greatest assets, particularly his astute knowledge of cars.

Thank you so much and we look forward to working with you in the future. We promise to tell anyone who is looking to buy a car there is no other place to buy than Listers!


Nicol and Brian

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