Afternoon Jon,

I have received an automatic feedback request today and so as to prove that I can be positive about car dealerships rather than just making complaints and causing difficulties I thought that I would take this opportunity to respond.

As you are aware I am experienced at purchasing high quality cars from big brands and I have a lot of past situations to reflect upon. I have purchased a Jaguar S-Type 2.7D in the past from Stratstone (Bham City Centre- since departed), I have also purchased a new Audi TT and a 12 month old Audi A6 Avant from Halesowen Audi and finally I also purchased a Lotus Elise 111S from Paul Matty Sportscars.

Overall I would say that the experience at your dealership has been “almost perfect”. Katie has been wonderful all the way through. She made it perfectly clear from the start that she was still new to Jaguar and that honesty was refreshing compared to some of the lies that previous Sales people at other dealerships have told me. Katie has worked hard all the way through with me. She has answered call the queries that she could for me. She has promptly asked others about things that she was unsure of such as engaging the Sport mode on the Auto box, which is good practice. She also referred any financial matters which needed clarification directly to yourself.

She has a really pleasant demeanour and is naturally helpful. At no point did she ever try any hard sell tactics, she let the car and the brand speak for themselves and this was also greatly appreciated. One area which really stood out for me was her consideration for others. On the day when my wife and children visited, she made them all feel particularly welcome and she catered for their needs in an excellent manner. She ensured that everybody had drinks, the children were allowed to have a bit of fun in the cars and she also found several colouring books and activities for the children. Katie took particular time to get to know Rebecca and to show her around the car and answer her questions too and whilst I don’t believe this is fully essential it made the process a lot more pleasant and enjoyable for me. William (my oldest son) has asked me when we can next go to see Katie and the cars again!

The opportunity to have the Sportbrake for 24 hours was excellent too. This allowed me to fully explore the vehicle and for me to test its suitability for work which I could never do on a 30 minute test drive. This was the final part of the jigsaw for me. After this opportunity I knew that I wanted to buy the car.

I have been impressed with other aspects of the dealership too. I have found it a delight to work directly with yourself. You have been open, straight, direct and honest throughout & you were sympathetic to my position with Audi-Oxford which was appreciated. I was able to make certain progress with you in negotiations which was also appreciated. On all of my visits to the dealership it has always been clean, tidy and well presented. The reception staff always Greta you in a friendly manner. They have answered each of my 4 phone calls within 2 rings as well which is impressive - remember that my organisation delivers Customer Services courses somI know the importance of this.