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P Johnson. 21 March 2014


Most of the time, my emails/letters to a company I have recently dealt with, would be to complain about some poor service or poor product. Fortunately, this email is not going to do that at all.

I can’t praise enough, the staff at your Nuneaton VW branch, for their assistance in providing me with yet another vehicle. Over the last few years, I’ve had some dealings with other manufacturers dealerships, where I have been treated in a manner that can only be described as aloof and arrogant. The most recent being to the BMW Coventry dealership, where they wanted me to agree a deal in principle and leave a £500 deposit, before they would arrange for a car to be delivered from another branch, for me to test drive!

This purchase will be the eighth, myself and my partner have made from this branch, with vehicles ranging from two VW Eos’s, a MINI Cooper S, a BMW 1 Series & two Golfs, one a convertible the other a GTI. This latest purchase was for a BMW M3, which was advertised on your website at your King’s Lynn BMW dealership. After a trip to see Ben Clarke at Nuneaton two weeks ago, Ben arranged for the car to be collected and delivered to Nuneaton, for me to test drive a few days later. This then resulted in me buying the car, doing a part exchange with my Porsche 911 and the Golf GTI, I had bought from Ben in June 2013.

I’d also like to give praise to Richard Quinn Business Manager and Matt (who’s surname escapes me at the moment but is Richards area manager), who worked very hard to get me the right deal and have done for all our purchases, over the last five years. As soon as either of us walk into the dealership, we are greeted by a familiar face who treats us with right amount of respect and courtesy and our issue is dealt with promptly.

The only slight negative issue we do have to deal with at the present, is our Golf Convertible isn’t delivering the economy we feel it should but I have every confidence, that as soon as the car goes into Nuneaton, the issue will be rectified in their usual professional manner.

Hopefully you will pass on this email and if you wish to contact me to ask any further questions, please do so.

Kind regards

P Johnson (satisfied M3 owner)

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