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Mr Ingall - 28th November 2014

My family and I have just returned from Listers Toyota after a visit to have a summer-to-winter set of wheels swapped over & pro-shine on my partner’s Auris.

Once again your Toyota staff have excelled in their customer service, and having visited this dealership on many occasion for servicing/mot/body wax etc, felt that it was time to let you know how much your staff’s attitude is appreciated.

On this occasion, we had to bring two cars in order for the family to return home while the Auris was being attended to. Upon arrival back at Toyota, we noticed that one of the tyres on my car (an old MG ZT Tourer) appeared significantly low on pressure. After completing the paperwork for the Auris, I asked Lee if it were possible for a technician to quickly look at the tyre, assuming it may just need some air in it. After approximately ten minutes, Lee returned and informed us the tyre had suffered a puncture, but it was now repaired. On top of this, he refused to take payment for it, despite the car not even being a Toyota.

I certainly did not expect to not be charged for this, especially as having worked in a car dealership myself, I know how time-sensitive the workshop can become. All I can say is a big ‘thank you’. If nothing else, it has saved the inconvenience of having to take the car into Lincoln on a Friday afternoon.

I would be grateful if you would let Lee and the workshop staff know that their willingness to help is greatly appreciated, and I could not ask for better customer service. At a time when many companies can barely spell ‘customer service’, let alone deliver anything like what they should be doing, your Toyota staff once again are head and shoulders above expectations.

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