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Mr and Mrs Best- 26th May 2015

Just a complementary e-mail to just to say what a good salesman (a generally nice person) you have in Craig Finter.

My husband and I were due to test drive an Auris Hybrid with a view to going from our two cars to one new one. We had never considered a hybrid but having them explained, with no pressure, by Craig thought it may be the way to go.

As my husband had retired, and was hardly using his car, we thought it made economic sense. On doing some calculations it worked out that it would in fact cost us more per annum than having our present two reasonably good cars and therefore we cancelled the test drive.

Craig was not working the day I cancelled but on his return a few days later he rang to say sorry to hear that we had changed our minds but he hoped perhaps sometime in the future we would reconsider and come back to check out what Toyota had to offer.

Unbeknown to him I had by then considered it would be good to change my car alone and had that day seen a Yaris on your website that I might be interested in.

Had Craig not phoned when he did I may well have forgotten the whole idea.To cut a long story short a test drive was arranged and I now collect my Yaris Hybrid this coming Thursday (along with a Toyota Teddy Bear - ask Craig!).

Whilst I would normally pay cash for a new car, Martin explained the advantages of the PDP (sorry if I have the abbreviation wrong) system so well that for the first time I am not paying cash and will be taking advantage of system.

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