Thank you for helping me make today one to remember

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Hi Aaron,

I am soo much in love with this car, words fail me !!( for once ) !

Thank you so much for all your attention and care you gave to both me and Bev today. It takes a lot to impress her ladyship but boy oh boy she was MORE than impressed with the whole handover process and your dealership. She can 100% understand why I wanted to deal with both you and Listers and she knows me well enough that when I have made a decision about the car and the dealership its because I know when I’ve found something really good.

I have forwarded the jokes that people keep sending me, this is one that I can forward to you, some are not in the same category, thought it may amuse you over your break time. These are sent to me to try and wind me up, obviously sent from a male friend. The nicest things that people have said to me is that for what I’ve been through over the last few years is, Enjoy your new car, you deserve it!! You have made it all the more special because of the way you dealt with me right from day one, never pressured, always caring, perfect in every single way. Once again, Thank you for helping me make today one to remember.

Ms J