Keith Hobbs Would Just Like To Say A Big Thank You

Keith Hobbs bought his wife a new car from Allan Mustapha

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You may not recall me but we met many years ago when you were a mere business manager prior to the dizzy heights of today.

I used to deal with Richard Fowler for my wife’s cars and I may have dropped in with an XK8 or Maserati Grand Tourismo 2006 /2008 when they first came out perhaps.

Anyway after a succession of cars through your dealership including an A4 cab, A5 cab, Q5 and now a nice little TT for my wife Joanne, I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the great buying experience that we recently had.

We have dealt with many in the past and in the main Richard apart from one blip a few years ago with the Q5 but I just thought I would drop you a line to advise you of the thorough and special purchasing that we experienced with Allan looking after us.

We had seen Allan to say hello over the years but this was the first time that we had the pleasure of him selling us a car and can we say that we are thrilled with the car and the whole experience.

In the modern days and many sectors people do think that the sales process needs to different but what we received was great traditional customer service and based on that we would just like to say a big thank you and hopefully you have the opportunity to share our satisfaction with him.

I enjoyed the purchase so much I wanted to buy a car from him but just can’t make my mind up what I want !

Joanne loves the car and I hope that you do not mind our continued support and approach by sharing our satisfaction.

Kind regards


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