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If you’re thinking ‘I just want to sell my Car’, then we’re here to help. We’ll buy your car1 from you and give you a cash lump sum to walk away with. We give competitive quotes for any manufacturer we specialise in, and you might be pleasantly surprised how much your car is worth!

Call or email one of the contacts listed below for your quote, it’s that simple.

  1. We normally only consider purchasing cars up to 6 years old, with up to 60,000 miles on the clock. 

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Upgrade? Downsize? Part-Exchange

Sometimes, for whatever reason, you want or need to change your vehicle. If you’re looking to change and want to sell your car to enable you to buy a bigger, sportier or smaller, more efficient vehicle, then our team will be happy to give you a competitive valuation for your vehicle.

We part-exchange all kinds of vehicles in all kinds of ways and our Business Managers can even take a look at your existing finance agreements, working with you to clear your balance or find a better solution to suit your requirements.

Contact your nearest Listers dealership to arrange a part-exchange valuation appointment.

Why we want your car

Many Listers customers look for well-maintained used cars for their next purchase. We keep our stock levels up by taking a lot of great, quality second-hand vehicles in part exchange, but we also take vehicles in through our outright purchase facility.

For whatever reason, if you need to dispose of your vehicle without part-exchanging it for a new one, we can help — and because we know vehicles from our manufacturers better than the independents do, we will often be able to give you a more competitive amount for your car.