Recommend a Friend FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

If you've got any questions that aren't covered below, please get in touch with us and we'll answer any questions you may have.

  • How and when do I get my reward?
    Your champagne will be available to collect from our dealership within a week of your recommendee taking delivery of their vehicle.

  • Who can recommend a friend
    Anyone can recommend a family member, friend or colleague. In order for you to qualify for your champagne your recommendation must be a new customer to Listers Group.

  • How many people can I recommend?
    As many as you like, providing they are new to the Listers Group (not an existing customer already on our database).

  • Can I recommend myself?
    No. You must be recommended by another family member, friend or work colleague but they will be eligible for the champagne if you subsequently choose to purchase a vehicle.

  • What happens if I recommend someone who has also been recommended by another person – will I still get my reward?
    If the person you recommend has already been recommended by another person, they will already exist on our database and therefore you will not be recommending a new customer to Listers Group. The person who recommended them originally will be eligible for the champagne.

  • Will I get my reward if I recommend a friend in conjunction with another offer?
    No. Recommend a Friend is not available in conjunction with any other offer.

  • Are my details and those of my friends used for anything else?
    Listers Group will not use your details without your permission and will always give you the option to opt-out of any communication we send to you. We will never sell your details to a third party.

  • I have not received my reward, who can I speak to?
    In the unlikely event you do not receive your reward please call the Customer Liaison Team on 01789 403 847 and they will organise your champagne straight away.

  • If I have any questions that were not answered in this section who can I contact for further information?
    Please get in touch with us or call the Customer Liaison Team on 01789 403 847, we will be delighted to answer any further queries that you may have.

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