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We've put a great deal of time into making, looking long and hard at what makes a great website, and we're proud of what we've given you to use.

This page discusses certain things that you may need in order to get the best possible experience from


We use JavaScript to provide additional functionality such as automatically-updating selection boxes, interactive maps and videos. Whilst some mobile devices don't support JavaScript fully, most will allow you to run it on your device. Most browsers will allow you to control whether JavaScript should run or not through browser settings. will still allow you to navigate the site fully without JavaScript, it just might take an extra click or two to get there.

Adobe Flash

We've worked hard to make sure that the vast majority of video content we have access to is in the widely supported H.264 format, supported by most HTML5 browsers. Wherever possible, we try and ensure that content is also available in formats supported by other browsers, but in some cases, we must sometimes use Flash to show some videos on the website.

For more information about Adobe Flash and to download the plugin, visit the Adobe Flash Player website.

PDF Content

Some of the documents we make available on the website are provided in the Portable Document Format (PDF). Providing documents as PDF files allows us to ensure that they are displayed - and printed - exactly as we intend them to be.

If your operating system or device does not support viewing PDF documents, you may need to download and install free Adobe Reader software, available for most platforms, from the Adobe Reader website. Once you have downloaded the Adobe Reader software, it will automatically start - within your browser - whenever you want to look at a PDF document.

For more information, visit the Adobe Reader website.


Rest assured that whilst some areas require these plug-ins or applications so that you can enjoy the full experience, we do not restrict access to the content because of this: we've worked hard to develop alternative versions of content for visitors who either cannot, or do not wish to, install the plug-ins.

If you have any specific requests with regards to the website, please get in touch with us.