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Porsche Panamera: PAN-EUROPEAN

The updated version of Porsche's second generation '971'-seriest Panamera luxury five-door Gran Turismo model has been subtly evolved. Jonathan Crouch takes a look.

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Jaguar F-TYPE Convertible (2015 - 2019): CONVERTIBLE ASSET

It's hard not to have pre-conceptions about what this Jaguar might be like, especially if you're the kind of buyer who might ordinarily prefer a German-branded sports car. You might come into a test drive in this car with just such a preference, but we also think you might end it understanding afresh just why this F-TYPE is such an appealing prospect. Jaguar needed to find a younger, more demanding, hungrier audience for its sports cars. It needed to convince people like you that here and now in this market at this time in history, it could be great again. Try this car and you might see that as mission accomplished.

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SEAT Ateca (2015 - 2020): WHERE IT'S AT

Privately, SEAT were frustrated by the Volkswagen Group's tardiness in developing many products for the compact Crossover segment. But Wolfsburg's Spanish outpost must also be grateful to its German masters for the thoroughness with which they corrected this oversight. This provided a standard of technology and design that enabled SEAT to create in this Ateca one of the very finest cars of its kind. It set a fresh standard for the way that contenders in the Qashqai-class could drive, at a stroke making most rivals seem dull and lifeless in their dynamics. More perhaps than any other model SEAT made in this period, this one actually delivered on its brand promises of a more interesting and involving drive. Plus it helped enormously that this car was also well priced, good looking and, for the most part, pretty well equipped. In short, there's plenty to like here. It may have had a bit of a siesta before joining the class, but this SEAT proved to be more than worth the wait.

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SEAT's first Crossover, the family-sized Ateca, directly targets Nissan's Qashqai in this growing segment and looks a strong proposition. Jonathan Crouch checks out what's on offer.

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ŠKODA embarks on an electric future with this clever Enyak iV. Jonathan Crouch takes a look.

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