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ŠKODA Superb (2015 - 2018): SUPERB BY NAME.

In third generation form, this ŠKODA Superb did at last shrug off its dowdy image. It's a car that can do more than simply courteously court more mature buyers with a comfortably spacious laid back demeanour. Depending on the variant you choose, it can offer Golf GTI performance, supermini-style economy or leather-lined luxury. It can drive itself in traffic, park itself and connect you to the internet. And, as an ownership proposition, it's full of little practical touches that make life just that little bit easier. This then, was a far more convincing flagship for ŠKODA's developing impressive model line-up, offering real luxury in an everyday package that proved to be a huge step forward for loyal Superb buyers. We'd highly recommend it as a used buy. If you're buying in this segment, we think it's one you have to try.

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Volvo V40 D4 - Long Term Test2:

"Over the course of the year, we had plenty of tiny citycars that haven't been able to replicate the running cost returns of my V40."

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BMW's controversial coupe-shaped SUV returns in third generation guise. Jonathan Crouch reports.

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Volvo V40 D4 - Long Term Test:

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All the things that made the original Yeti so appealing remained with this revised post-2013-era model. It's spacious, safe, drives well, has a cool but understated image and is affordable to run. This improved version added a little equipment, tidied its interior and looked smarter but otherwise stuck to a tried and tested recipe. In truth, not a lot needed changing. As before, what was served up by the Yeti was a class act in a market full of try-hard rivals. Whichever form of Yeti motoring you prefer - standard or 'Outdoor' - you'll get yourself a car that strikes an appealing chord between practicality, quality and fashion. It's a car that transcends lifestyle snobbery. A family car that doesn't shout 'family'. And a Crossover you could be genuinely pleased to own.

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