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Mercedes-Benz Logo Mercedes-Benz Citan: MORE POINTS FOR THE STAR

The second generation version of Mercedes’ Citan compact van might just be the image your company needs, thinks Jonathan Crouch

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‘Kaizen’, the Japanese approach to ‘continuous improvement’, characterises every aspect of this revised tenth generation Honda Civic. The smarter styling is welcome, but otherwise, it’s as you were. The sharp handling is a selling point, as in this MK10 model’s spacious interior. And it’s made a big difference that Honda has finally got its house in order when it comes to petrol power, the 1.0 and 1.5-lite VTEC TURBO units good enough to go up against the class best. A lot of boxes have been ticked then, yet it’s clear that Honda has also worked hard to maintain this car’s more characterful approach in this segment. Add in British build quality, a great driving position and strong standards of safety and media connectivity and you’ve got a potentially very appealing package. Dynamic functionality was Honda’s goal in creating this car. They may well have achieved it.

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Mercedes-Benz Logo Mercedes-Maybach S-Class: LOOK WHO’S ‘BACH

Maybach is the nameplate used on ultimate Mercedes models. Jonathan Crouch takes a look at the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class.

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BMW Logo BMW i8 Roadster (2018 - 2020): THE CLEANER GERMAN OPEN

Like its coupe counterpart, this i8 Roadster offers a fundamentally different interpretation of what a super sports car can be. At the wheel of one of these, high performance motoring is no longer an ecological embarrassment but an expression of futuristic fascination. In an i8, more than any other car of its kind, driving enjoyment and planet-friendly performance at last meet in unison. It’s a very special blend and in Roadster form, a beautiful piece of pavement theatre. Nothing else we can think of in this segment from this period is so striking, surprising and sensational, yet so ultimately sensible in what it sets out to offer. It’s a landmark car: nothing more, nothing less. And an incredible achievement.

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Volvo Logo Volvo XC40 - Long Term Test: TRANSFORMING

“A bright light blue small Volvo SUV with white wheels and a white roof designed to replicate the look of a science fiction transformer robot. Really?”

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