Understanding Conditional Sale

Understanding Conditional Sale

Conditional Sale is simple way of financing that gives you the certainty of a fixed interest rate, and fixed monthly payments throughout the agreement.

The initial deposit and repayment period can be structured to help meet your budget and the length of time you expect to keep the car. You can trade in your existing car and put this towards the initial deposit, or if you wish, just put down a cash deposit.

We will structure the agreement to meet your individual requirements based on the car, the agreement duration required, the available deposit and your monthly budget.

After paying the initial deposit, you make regular monthly payments to cover the amount borrowed, plus any interest and fees.

The interest rate is fixed which means you’ll know exactly how much you will repay throughout the term of the agreement.

Only when all payments under the agreement have been made do you become the owner of the vehicle.

Important information to consider

  • Ownership of the vehicle will remain with the finance company until you have paid all monthly payments.

  • It is really important that you keep up to date with your monthly repayments, so please contact the finance company if you are having any difficulties, as the vehicle may be at risk if you do not.

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Low Deposit

You decide how much of a deposit to put down.

Fixed Monthly Payments

Allowing you to better budget for your new vehicle.

Own the vehicle at the end of the Agreement

The car is automatically yours at the end of the agreement.