Coming Soon - The New Volkswagen ID.3

Deliveries expected in September 2020

ID.3 to deliver in September 2020

The wait is nearly over for those ready to pre-book the new ID.3. With deliveries expected to take place from September, we are close to being able to begin taking orders for the latest Volkswagen model. Further details will be announced soon.


A Choice of Two delivery windows

There are two options available for those pre-booking the ID.3.

One option is to receive their ID.3 1st Edition in September. Although the App Connect software won’t be quite ready, the September delivery option comes with the added benefit of exclusive access to the ID.3 1st Mover Club. This membership includes software updates for digital software and a host of other customer benefits until January 2021.

The second option is to take delivery of the ID.3 later on in the year around November and December, however the benefit is that when the keys are handed over to the customer – the ID.3 will be fully equipped with all digital functions ready to go.

Mover Club Rewards

Volkswagen will be communicating directly to 1st Mover Club members, who will be an important part of developing ID products and who’ll have access to an online community website. This platform is designed to enable members to provide feedback that Volkswagen can take on board and use for future developments.

As the pre-booking option for the new ID.3 has been delayed since 2019, Volkswagen would like to thank 1st Mover Club members by paying the first three months of their subscriptions as a thank you.

It has not been confirmed yet whether this initiative will be made available to buyers from the UK.


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