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Introducing MINI's Partnership with the Dogs Trust

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MINI - A Dog's Best Friend

MINI have teamed up with the incredible dog welfare charity, Dogs Trust, to help the nation's dogs travel happier. Check out some of the paw-fect dog accessories and tips and tricks you'll need to get your car road-ready and legal for journeys with your four-legged friend.

MINI’s iconic handling and charm has helped win over plenty of drivers, but the many dog friendly features will get your canine friends tail wagging.

There is plenty of space to stretch whether they’re sitting in the back or the boot. MINIs can accommodate any breed. The MINI Countryman and MINI Clubman are the biggest models, with surprisingly generous room in the back. They also have the perfect dog car boot, too. In fact, 59% of MINI Countryman drivers surveyed said the spacious boot was their favourite feature for dog travel. MINIs come with accessories to ensure for a comfortable, safe ride for your pooch which is why we offer a range of dog guards. They can be fitted to many MINI models and offer extra security. Helping to keep your pup safely in the boot, away from the driver – and from your perfectly packed picnic.

The MINI Clubman’s split rear doors will have your hound jumping for joy. Because of their unique split door design, dogs can hop in and out with total ease. And as there’s no parcel shelf or slanted hatchback shape, they can even stand up and turn around comfortably. It’s a fan favourite, with 55% of Clubman owners voting the split rear doors as the best feature for their dog


Car Boot Dog Guards

Our dogs are valuable cargo, which is why dog car safety is our top priority. It’s crucial to make sure our pets are safe and secure while on the road.

If you have a dog travelling in the car boot, you’ll want to look into mesh guards. They divide the car and help to keep your pup in their section. Preventing them from hopping out and causing trouble whilst you are driving. It’s both good practice, but also a legal requirement, with Rule 57 of the Highway Code stating "when in a vehicle make sure dogs or other animals are suitably restrained so they cannot distract you while you are driving”. You can also opt for a dog crate for car boots if your furry pal is smaller in size.

If you have a smaller dog that sits in the back, you can keep them safe with a dog car safety harness. Think of it as a seatbelt for your four-legged friend. It should be placed around their chest and neck, fitting well. Check it’s not too tight by fitting two fingers between your dog and the harness.

Boot Liners

When it comes to walking your dog, we know our dogs believe the muddier the better. Protect your car’s interior with a barrier between paws, seats and even your boot. Car boot liners for dogs, as well as floor mats and seat covers are all an easy way to shield your interior.

As well as protecting your boot, they help to stop soggy dogs from skidding around. And can be removed quickly and easily. Keeping your car just the way you like it. Hit the button below to shop dog car boot covers, along with other items to protect the interior of your MINI.



Comfort Is Key

Make your MINI dog friendly by bringing some familiar, comforting items along with you, this will help your dog settle on your journey. Something as simple as a towel filled with your dog’s favourite smells or a comfy cushion can make all the difference.

Comfort is key when travelling with your four-legged friend. Your dog may need space to stretch out, so you will need to ask yourself, can your dog sit, stand and turn around comfortably? They will need enough height and width to be able to enjoy a comfortable ride.

You’ll see the lovely Gus, demonstrating how to get comfy in a roomy boot.

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