The Land Rover Mountain Guide.

This year, the UK has relied on natural beauty close to home more than ever. For many, this meant exploring the adventurous hotspots right on our doorsteps, including the epic mountains of the UK. In fact, over the past year, Snowdon has had 40% more visitors than 2018.

With this rise in interest, Land Rover has analysed over 40 mountains across England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales to create the Epic Mountain Guide. Each mountain has been examined against a set criterion with metrics looking at the height of the mountain and the average time to the top, to discover the easiest and hardest to climb across the UK.

In addition, to uncover the mountains that are the most loved by climbers, Land Rover has also looked at the mountains with the most Tripadvisor reviews and the highest average score. With the view from the top being a highlight of the climb, the research also includes the most picturesque mountains, consisting of those which are most Instagrammed (number of hashtags of the mountain name).


Aonach Beag, just 3km east of Ben Nevis takes the top spot as the hardest mountain to climb, even though it is far from the tallest. It stands at an impressive 1,234 metres but takes climbers on average six hours to reach the top due to its tricky terrain.


Snowdon comes in as the second most challenging mountain to climb in the UK at 1,085m tall and with the average hiker taking 6 hours to reach the peak.


Rolling out in third place, Braeriach mountain is the third highest mountain in the British Isles and takes the third most challenging climb in the UK, with an average of five hours to climb.


Cairn Toul came fourth in the most challenging climb in the UK, taking around five hours to climb.


Sgor an Lochain Uaine came fifth with an elevation of 1258.


But, if we’re going on height alone, the tallest mountain in the UK is Ben Nevis, with an elevation of 1,344 metres. Despite its height, the mighty Ben Nevis has been named the sixth hardest hike with climbers taking on average four hours to reach the top.