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MINI Range

New MINI Stock.

Discover the range of new MINIs available for immediate delivery at Listers Boston below.

Reference No. Model Colour Was Now Save
4003309MINI 3-Door Hatch Cooper ClassicNanuq White£25,020£24,051£969
6300785MINI 3-Door Hatch Cooper ExclusiveMelting Silver III£26,360£25,338£1022
4003499MINI 3-Door Hatch Cooper ExclusiveBritish Racing Green IV£26,720£25,683£1,037
4025278MINI 3-Door Hatch Cooper ExclusiveNanuq White£26,810£25,770£1,040
4025280MINI 3-Door Hatch Cooper ExclusiveMelting Silver III£27,060£26,010£1,050
4025330MINI 3-Door Hatch Cooper ExclusiveNanuq White£27,755£26,677£1,078
4004851MINI 3-Door Hatch Cooper S ExclusiveIsland Blue£29,375£28,234£1,141
4027977MINI 3-Door Hatch Cooper S ExclusiveEnigmatic Black£31,640£30,408£1,232
4004232MINI 3-Door Hatch Cooper S ExclusiveRooftop Grey£31,925£30,682£1,243
4004761MINI 3-Door Hatch Cooper S ExclusiveEnigmatic BlackSOLD
4004648MINI 3-Door Hatch Cooper S SportNanuq White£29,225£28,090£1,135
4004652MINI 3-Door Hatch Cooper S SportNanuq White£29,225£28,090£1,135
4022323MINI 3-Door Hatch Cooper S SportIsland Blue£29,965£28,800£1,165
4004417MINI 3-Door Hatch Cooper S SportChili Red£31,000£29,794£1,206
4025281MINI 3-Door Hatch Cooper SportNanuq White£26,110£25,098£1,012
4004068MINI 3-Door Hatch Cooper SportNanuq WhiteSOLD
7964312MINI 3-Door Hatch Cooper SportEnigmatic BlackSOLD
4003813MINI 3-Door Hatch Cooper SportBritish Racing Green IVSOLD
4001826MINI 5-Door Hatch Cooper ClassicNanuq White£25,680£24,685£995
4028368MINI 5-Door Hatch Cooper ExclusiveRooftop Grey£26,815£25,774£1,041
4028388MINI 5-Door Hatch Cooper ExclusiveMelting Silver III£26,815£25,774£1,041
4028389MINI 5-Door Hatch Cooper ExclusiveIsland Blue£27,070£26,019£1,051
4028390MINI 5-Door Hatch Cooper ExclusiveMidnight Black II£27,320£26,259£1,061
4028387MINI 5-Door Hatch Cooper ExclusiveEnigmatic Black£28,040£26,950£1,090
4025293MINI 5-Door Hatch Cooper ExclusiveEnigmatic Black£28,395£27,291£1,104
6328074MINI 5-Door Hatch Cooper ExclusiveZesty YellowSOLD
4028357MINI 5-Door Hatch Cooper S ExclusiveNanuq White£30,315£29,136£1,179
4002848MINI 5-Door Hatch Cooper S ExclusiveIsland Blue£30,775£29,578£1,197
4002778MINI 5-Door Hatch Cooper S ExclusiveEnigmatic Black£32,400£31,138£1,262
4025296MINI 5-Door Hatch Cooper S SportChili Red£31,680£30,447£1,233
4002486MINI 5-Door Hatch Cooper S SportChili RedSOLD
4002682MINI 5-Door Hatch Cooper S SportNanuq WhiteSOLD
4002124MINI 5-Door Hatch Cooper S SportNanuq WhiteSOLD
4025290MINI 5-Door Hatch Cooper SportChili RedSOLD
4025289MINI 5-Door Hatch Cooper SportNanuq WhiteSOLD
4025336MINI Clubman Cooper ExclusiveMidnight Black II£31,885£30,643£1,242
4025335MINI Clubman Cooper ExclusiveRooftop Grey£32,585£31,315£1,270
4025337MINI Clubman Cooper ExclusiveBritish Racing Green IV£32,885£31,603£1,282
4025353MINI Clubman Cooper S ExclusiveMelting Silver III£36,160£34,747£1,413
4019766MINI Clubman John Cooper WorksIsland Blue£41,895£39,882£2,013
4022274MINI Convertible Cooper ExclusiveMelting Silver III£29,065£27,936£1,129
4028179MINI Convertible Cooper ExclusiveEnigmatic Black£30,490£29,304£1,186
4005552MINI Convertible Cooper ExclusiveEnigmatic Black£30,700£29,506£1,194
4022278MINI Convertible Cooper S ExclusiveMidnight Black II£34,590£33,240£1,350
6289881MINI Convertible Cooper S ExclusiveRooftop Grey£34,590£33,240£1,350
4028353MINI Convertible Cooper S ExclusiveNanuq White£34,740£33,384£1,356
4022279MINI Convertible Cooper S SportIsland Blue£32,290£31,032£1,258
4028350MINI Convertible Cooper S SportChili Red£33,365£32,064£1,301
4005882MINI Convertible Cooper S SportChili Red£33,575£32,266£1,309
4022272MINI Convertible Cooper SportNanuq White£29,065£27,936£1,129
6322024MINI Convertible Cooper SportNanuq White£30,715£29,520£1,195
4022273MINI Convertible Cooper SportMidnight Black II£30,715£29,520£1,195
4005754MINI Convertible Cooper SportMidnight Black II£31,475£30,250£1,225
7965153MINI Convertible John Cooper WorksZesty Yellow£39,430£37,138£2,292
4028348MINI Convertible John Cooper WorksRebel Green£39,505£37,209£2,296
4010603MINI Convertible John Cooper WorksZesty YellowSOLD
6282318MINI Convertible John Cooper WorksNanuq WhiteSOLD
6322275MINI Hatch John Cooper WorksZesty Yellow£37,030£35,240£1,790
4025274MINI Hatch John Cooper WorksRooftop Grey£37,030£35,240£1,790
4028132MINI Hatch John Cooper WorksIsland Blue£37,030£35,240£1,790
4005070MINI Hatch John Cooper WorksZesty Yellow£37,640£35,820£1,820
4025271MINI Hatch John Cooper WorksNanuq White£37,730£35,905£1,825
MINI Range

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