Volvo Car Subscription | Flexible car subscription

The flexible car subscription from Volvo. With a car subscription, you can change car or cancel with just 3 months’ notice.

What is a Volvo Car Subscription?:

All-inclusive* The car subscription is all-inclusive, providing the essentials you need for driving the Volvo of your choice.

One fixed monthly payment With our car subscription, the practicalities of driving are covered by making one easy monthly payment.

Change or cancel You can change your car or cancel your subscription anytime, with 3 months’ notice.


What is included with a car subscription?

Warranty: Warranty for 3 years or 60,000 miles.

Roadside assistance: Accident or breakdown, just press the assist button for help.

Home delivery: Choose to have your car delivered to your door, at no extra cost.

Digital services: A range of Google digital services are included free for 4 years.

Volvo Cars app: Remote control and vehicle management for 4 years.

Driveaway insurance: Insurance cover for 7 days from the moment you drive away¹.

Yearly inspection: Yearly inspection of your Volvo in accordance with regulations.

Tyre check-up: Inspection and replacement or repair of tyres if required².

Loan car: A replacement vehicle when your own car needs service or repair.

Pick up and delivery: Collection and delivery of your car if needed.

Service Plan Plus: Comprehensive cover during your contract period.

How Volvo Subscription works:

1. Make fixed monthly payments 2. Stay flexible with service included 3. Change or cancel
With a Volvo subscription, you make fixed monthly payments to drive a Volvo of your choice, with no advance payment. You choose which vehicle you would like, along with the mileage that you think most closely fits your needs.Service Plan Plus and a wide range of Volvo services including yearly inspection are included in a subscription. 7 days Driveaway insurance is also included, after which you can add permanent cover.You can request a change of car or cancel your subscription anytime, with 3 months’ notice.

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  • *Your subscription excludes annual car insurance and consumables such as fuel, AdBlue, washer fluid and oil (unscheduled refills) and charges for speeding, tolls and parking. Read more in our FAQ.

  • ¹ Insurance subject to acceptance criteria from the insurer being met.

  • ² Excessive wear & tear caused by irresponsible driving or accidental damage is not covered. Punctures are not covered.