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Added 14th August, 2015 , updated 12th August, 2015

By Car & Driving

To buy the X1 in its original form - the car produced between 2009 and 2012 - you needed to be sold on the idea of a BMW and be possessed of a budget not quite generous enough to get yourself the kind of larger X3 model you’d ideally have chosen. In this improved first generation guise though, this car set its sights a little higher, so makes a much better used buy as a result. Yes, there are smarter and more purposeful-looking SUVs and Crossovers you could choose for the same kind of money, but against those, this BMW offers a range of unique selling points. It’s alone in this segment in offering the option of a rewarding rear-wheel drive layout. And a far smoother and more sophisticated 8-speed automatic gearbox. Plus you get ride quality that’s arguably best in class. You’ll also be tempted by the badge equity of course, which in this revised MK1 model is properly supported by the premium feeling you’ll get behind the wheel or when the car’s in your driveway. Add in running costs that are difficult to beat in this segment and you’ve a proposition that at last is good enough to reach out beyond the BMW faithful. Especially to buyers well-heeled enough to consider the top 25d variant. After all, 215bhp and over 50mpg aren’t usually figures you see together in the same sentence. It all adds up to a car very well worth short-listing if you’re looking for a satisfying ownership proposition amongst the many compact SUVs and Crossovers now on sale. It still isn’t an obvious choice. But now, it’s one you might just enjoy making.

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