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Featured Honda Review: ‘CIVIC SENSE’


Car and Driving's Independent Used Review of the Honda Civic (2015 - 2017) Range

By Jonathan Crouch
Added 27th January, 2017

'Kaizen', the Japanese approach to 'continuous improvement', characterises every aspect of this much improved ninth generation Civic. This car may look similar to the MK9 model we first saw in 2011 but under the skin, it's a far more competitive prospect. The upgraded infotainment set-up, the more comfortable driving experience and the wider range of trim options, plus the availability of an estate bodystyle and a Type-R hot hatch variant - all of it makes a big difference to this car's appeal. All of these things are welcome, but they didn't dilute the individual appeal of a package that remains distinctively different in its era in the Focus-sized family hatchback segment. The sporty feel of the engines, the brilliant 'Magic Seat' practicality of the cabin and the distinctive looks all continue to underline the way that Honda isn't afraid to go against the grain when designing a car of this kind.

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