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Car and Driving’s Independent Used Review of the Jaguar XKR (2011 - 2015) Range

By Jonathan Crouch
Added 8th January, 2016 , updated 23rd December, 2015

To be able to create a car that rides like a Grand Tourer yet changes direction and grips like a supercar is no mean feat. Yet that’s exactly what Jaguar managed with this XKR. It still isn’t quite as focused as a Porsche 911 for dedicated enthusiasts, but then if it was, it probably wouldn’t be able to reward as much as it does on those occasions when you’re not fighting against the clock. Of course if you are, you’d want to be behind the wheel of the XKR-S version if you could afford to be. Lacking our own private runway, we’d find the standard XKR frighteningly fast enough when we wanted it to press on, relaxed and laid back when we didn’t. No other car of this kind offers quite this Jaguar’s blend of speed, refinement and driver involvement. To call it an E-Type for the 21st century is as big a compliment as we can give. This XKR is nothing less.

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